Zhuma Japanese is a restaurant located in Crystal Lagoon of Senayan City. The place itself has a very nice ambience, with a minimal lighting and cozy seats. It’s not too big, but surprisingly it gives some kind of privacy between each tables. They are currently have promotion, 50% discount for Panin credit card users, which was the main reason why we decided to have dinner here.

Very neat, isn’t it?
Although I haven’t figured the meaning of their “zhuma” yet.

Shoyu is limited here, means you have no shoyu bottle on your table.
Someone will come to refill your bowl if you request it, not so efficient.

Spicy Crunchy Salmon (Rp. 45.000,-)
It lives up to the name, very spicy yet delicious!
I just don’t like the ugly and small cuttings.

California Roll (Rp. 45.000,-)
Just like typical ones.

Triangle plate – Summer Roll (Rp. 37.500,-)
Unique way to present a sushi, but it doesn’t work for me.
Basically, I think it tastes like sushi meets Vietnamese spring rolls.

Volcano Roll (Rp. 65.000,-)

Soft Shell & Unagi Roll (Rp. 65.000,-)
The unagi is really, really nice!

Chirashi Don (Rp. 59.500,-)
They have really, really bad portions for rice.
But I give credits for the fresh fishes they serve here.

Kaisen Don (Rp. 59.500,-)
It tastes like rice and a bunch of fried garlic, not recommended.

Zhuma Assorted Deluxe Sashimi (Rp. 125.000,-)
Presentation is really bad in my opinion, a total disappointment.

            Well, based on my personal opinions, I think the food here are nice, but not magnificent. I like some of their sushi but I think they should improve more on their rice menu. Overall, this is a kind of restaurants that I will not visit again. If you’re just looking for a good Japanese restaurants which serve sushi, sashimi or just rice bowls, there are plenty of them in Jakarta. And honestly, the fact that I ate all these food in HALF price doesn’t make me feel even better.

Well, yeah, maybe it’s 6/10.

Zhuma Japanese
Senayan City
Crystal Lagoon, Lower Ground, L41-43
Asia Afrika Lot. 19
Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta – Indonesia
PH 1: (021) 7278-1237