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The amount of casual Japanese restaurants in Jakarta has been greatly increasing over the last few years, and Ozumo is yet another restaurant serving Japanese food with “local-adjusted” taste.

Before this visit, I only knew that there is a restaurant with same name and logo in Bandung, but I am not sure if these two outlets are related in any ways.

This was our first stop during our venture to Citra Garden last time, and thanks to the bright yellow and white lampion decoration, we were attracted almost immediately and decided to have the early lunch at Ozumo.

A typical ruko-turns-restaurant, Ozumo occupies a not so big ruko unit and as far as I know, only first floor is open for business. It has a cute, bright, and colorful ambiance, also various Japanese popular figurines and attributes as decorations. The warm colored wooden furniture gives an instant comfort, and you can even sit in the sofa table from the right side of the entrance.








Ozumo offers quite a selection of Japanese comfort food from ramen, udon, rice menu, bento set, and of course, sushi. Prices range from IDR 6,000 to 59,000 only, it’s pretty affordable!


Chicken Katsu Curry IDR 32,000

This cute dish can be said as the signature dish of Ozumo as many people actually come here because of this. With three rice balls put in the pool of curry, it almost looks like the image of three persons bathing, especially with the leaf-shaped plate that resembles bathtub or something. The curry tasted okay although it was a bit too runny for me, the katsu was so-so and the cuts are small. It’s indeed very cute but it stops at that.


Karai Ramen IDR 35,000

Ordered this based on waiter’s recommendation, I picked level 7 out of 10. The ramen was good and spicy, I love how aromatic and fragrant it is! I could actually see lots of orange chili cuts floating in the soup, and it just added the thrill. Love the noodle, love the soup, and I don’t care if it’s too fast to say this, but this was our highlight of the visit to Ozumo.



Taiyo Roll IDR 52,000 (8 pcs)
Salmon, avocado, kani, takuan

Decent sushi roll with nice size and fresh ingredients. The 4 pcs platter is available too for IDR 27,000.



Bay Scallop Roll IDR 17,000

While the one above is categorized into specialty roll, Ozumo also offers more affordable sushi rolls with prices ranging from IDR 12,000 to 17,000 per plate (4 pcs) only! I chose this one with scallop and tempura crunch and it wasn’t bad at all. The only strange thing was that I think they put sweet soy sauce on the sushi as one of the seasonings, like seriously? It definitely can’t get more Indonesian that this, LOL!


Ocha IDR 6,000


We didn’t try the dessert because it was still early lunch time and many desserts were not available that time. Overall, I had a good time in Ozumo because the place is very comfortable and colorful at the same time, the service was good, and the food was decent. Glad that we decided to stop by!


*All prices are subject to 2% service charge & 10% government tax

Visited on: 21 February 2015
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