The Freezy Fabulous sounds interesting when the first time I heard about it. It became even more interesting when I read that the claim that they serve the best ice cream bread in Asia. Of course in Indonesia, we all probably are very familiar with “es dungdung”, which we can find easily around house complexes in Jakarta; and (possibly) used to be one of our favorite street snacks during our childhood. I remember the iceman (duh!) serves the ice cream in the cup, in the cone, or in the bread. I usually bought the ice cream in my own cup, then bought a whole bag of bread from the iceman because I just LOVE the bread. You might think those breads are cheap stuffs, but they smell sooo good and taste perfectly delicious with the ice cream.
Well, enough about that ice cream. 
Although in Indonesia, we already have the ice cream bread, but I think the most popular version of the ice cream bread we know today is actually originated from Singapore. We can easily find this kind of ice cream bread stalls in Orchard Road only for SGD 1, and they are very good! 
The Freezy Fabulous doesn’t have an official store yet but they opened a booth in Gandaria City during Christmas event, and it seems that many people had positive reactions. Their trademark cute food truck is very easy to spot on, and lucky that yesterday it wasn’t crowded at all! They have 14 flavors of ice creams with prices of IDR 18K and 21K.
IDR 18.000: Vanilla Coco Melt, Sakura Ogura, Grandpa’s Durian, Berrydise, Avo Coco Drops
IDR 21.000: Dark Forest*, Tira and Misu, Mochachip Lover, Cookies n Cream, Rum n Raisin*, Javaccino*, Little Tea Leaves, Charles Coco

* contains alcohol

So because everything in the menu looks so fabulous, two of us ordered 5 immediately and had to stop by a nearby coffee shop to get a table, LOL.
L-R: Sakura Ogura (18K), Grandpa’s Durian (18K), Dark Forest (21K), Little Tea Leaves (21K), Vanilla Coco Melt (18K)
My favorite is the durian one! I know I am such a sucker for durian and I can’t be fair for this. Honestly they are much, much better from my expectation. The bread is exactly the same with the one I like for ice cream, so that’s perfect. The ice creams are just simply fabulous! The little tea leaves flavor is actually a green tea, and it’s very, very authentic matcha taste, complete with the bitterness. Love it to the max! The Dark Forest and the Vanilla Coco Melt are also very nice. My least favorite that day was the Sakura Ogura because the taste wasn’t too strong so it was easily overkilled by the other flavors.
The Freezy Fabulous currently opens in booth Q in Ground Floor of Gandaria City, and it will be there until February 9th.
The Freezy Fabulous
Gandaria City
Ground Floor, Booth Q (beside TOUS les JOURS)
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan 12240
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 (only until February 9th, 2014)
Estimate Spending: IDR 18.000 – 21.000/person