This time, we used voucher again to eat wagyu beef steak in Tanjung Duren area. Since it’s quite far from my house, so we decided to go during weekdays to avoid traffic jam. I bought the B packet voucher for only IDR 55.000, which we can get 2 portions of Go Wagyu “X” steak, which is around IDR 50.000/portion. Good deal, wasn’t it? 🙂
So that day we decided to go there for lunch. Lucky though, they don’t need us to make reservation whatsoever to use the voucher. And judging from the term and conditions stated in the voucher itself, it was pretty simple. After trying to find the street area, it wasn’t long until we found the restaurant because it was very easy to notice, thanks to big brown board stating its name, right in the front. For a place like this, I was surprised that they also provide parking spaces, not much, but still very neat. The restaurant is surrounded by glass windows and doors, making it visible from outside or inside. It is quite spacious, with square tables and round chairs. Personally, I think the interior of this restaurant reminds me of somewhat like school cafeteria or such. If they change the chairs with more decent ones, I believe it will be much more classier than this.
Simple interior of Go Wagyu reminds me of school cafeteria.
After we were seated, one of the waitresses approached our table and handed us the menu. It was afternoon, so not many people were there, only another 2 tables beside ours. After I gave her the voucher, she asked politely whether we wanted to order some other food or not. I was thinking, hey, this is what you called good service in a restaurant. 🙂 And of course, voucher is just voucher, we definitely had to order some more. So I just ordered 2 more food, which are salad for starter and fries for side.
Kentang Goreng Cheese (French Fries with Cheese) – IDR 18.000
It might look like a usual menu, but I knew I had to try it. It wasn’t special but the it tasted great when we dipped the fries to the cheese. Very unique and addictive.
Salad – IDR 15.000
The salad came out the last, which was weird. So we ate that more as dessert, hahaha. There were only lettuces, cucumbers, corns, tomatoes and onions, with thousand island dressing, just like your typical home-made salad. What made it a bit different is the cheddar cheese blocks spread around the salad. Notice the square shaped yellow blocks? Yep, that’s the cheddar cheese. And it certainly helped to enhance the taste of the salad. Wasn’t disappointing at all.
Go Wagyu “X” with White Mushroom Sauce
Go Wagyu “X” with Brown Mushroom Sauce
First of all, when our steaks were ready and brought to our table, I wasn’t expecting that the steaks would be like that. But again, even the textures and colors of the meat was different from usual steaks. I am not an expert when it comes to wagyu beef or such, but when I started eating, I couldn’t help but thinking that this was so nice. The meat was soft and tender yet fulfilling in the same time. The gravy was perfect (both the white and brown), the side veggies were also finely boiled so the sweetness really came out and made the steak tasted even better when eaten together.
Es Kelapa Muda (Coconut) – IDR 12.000

Iced Lemon Tea – IDR 12.000 
For people who use the voucher and order this, we automatically get the free refill of this 🙂
Decent food, yummy.
Considered cheap for wagyu beef steaks, other food are also quite cheap.
Clean, spacious place, good for hanging out but chairs are definitely a turn-off. Place is a bit hot, too.

Wagyu Steak
Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat 1
Blok G2-20
Jakarta Barat
Telp: 021-5661422