Han Gang is one of Korean restaurants that I always visit frequently since long time ago. This time, we tried their branch in Pacific Place. The place is dominated with dark color, very convenient seating and modern theme. As usual, Korean restaurants will give us free appetizers in small plates/bowls for starters.
One of the more interesting appetizers was the boiled clam. People who are not familiar with Korean food may not get the trick, but the waiters told us to eat them by sucking them directly into our mouth. Well, interesting, I must say. The clam was surprisingly tasty and I actually had fun trying to get them out from those shells.
This is the variety of appetizers they serve, quite a lot. And we can have more of them anytime we ask. Everything is free.

Gul Jeon – IDR 45.000
Jeon is sort of pancake in Korean dishes, while “gul” means it’s made with oyster. The sauce is made from soy sauce, vinegar and chili powder, it blended really nicely with the pancake taste. 

Dolsot Galbi Bibimbab – IDR 48.000
Bibimbab is my favorite Korean food, so everytime I eat in Korean restaurants, this is something that definitely not to be missed 🙂 And I wasn’t wrong because their bibimbab was really yummy!
Japchae – IDR 85.000
Nicely done although I think the price is a bit ridiculous.

Yuk Gae Jang – IDR  55.000
Korean food are usually spicy, and this one is not an exception. Definitely not for sharing, though, if your eating partner has a big capacity because this one is served in single bowl.
Kkhanpunggi – IDR 85.000
Again, this one was also very delicious. Basically it’s deep-fried chicken glazed with spicy and sweet sauce, almost like Chinese sweet and sour dishes. 

Tteok Manduguk – IDR 65.000
This one means dumpling soup. Everything is just right 🙂
A lot of varieties, taste great, everything is satisfying.
Quite pricey, but look out for credit card promotion, they always have it. Sometimes we can get like 50% discount 🙂
Han Gang Korean Restaurant
Pacific Place
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53 Lt. 5, No.37
(021) 5797 3460