First of all, this was our second time coming to Takemori in Senayan City. Our first visit? It was a wonderful experience. So this time, to celebrate the Christmas day this year, we decided to eat there instead of looking for a restaurant which serves western food, which has somehow become our “ritual” to celebrate christmas.

Takemori’s place is not too big, but feels so comfortable. They prepare the barbecue grill just in the middle of each tables. As much as I know, they always have promotions like 30% discount for Standard-Chartered credit card users, and many others. When you come to the restaurant, someone will bring you to a table and ask you what promotion you want to use. For us, we used the HSBC promotion, which is an All-You-Can-Eat promotion for only Rp. 98.000,- +++/ person. It’s the best deal because the meat they serve are really good quality ones, imported from Australia. And the most important thing is that you can order as many as you want, with condition that the first order will have to be 8 items only. They will give you the HSBC order menu set, which you can choose quite a variety of items, and you can choose to have barbecue or shabu shabu. I don’t really know how things work but I think you can really choose one of those, if you choose to eat barbecue then you just can order the stuffs for barbecue, not the ones for shabu shabu, vice versa. 

Most annoying thing for me (beware that it’s only my personal opinion), is that the moment you  have a seat and they ask you what kind of promotion you want to use, they’ll ask for your credit card to charge it immediately. I mean, it’s a bit disgracing for the guests, isn’t it? But maybe it’s already their policy and can’t be changed. And another thing is, when you make your order, they will tell you blah-blah-blah about the regulations of orders, also reminding us that unfinished orders will be charged of original price. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like someone telling me stuffs like that.

Enough about me talking. So, here comes the glory of red meat!!

Ice Green Tea (Rp. 9.800,-)

Beef fat
Kani Salad & Wakame Salad
Trust me, they’re sooooooooooo delicious!!!!
Rosu Beef

Shio Tan
Beef tongue with pepper spread on the top!

Australian Yakishabu

Sausage Barbecue

Australian Lamb Yakishabu

Spicy Dori

Australian Steak

Spicy Tori

Australian Saikoro

Australian Steak

Ika Grill
Glory of red meat 😉
Shio tan on the grill!

Spicy dori and sausage barbecue on the grill

Steak, shio tan, chicken

Steak !!!!

Rosu attack!

Saikoro, steak, chicken

Sausage, squid, chicken, dish, yum!!
I really, really LOVE their food. If I can rate based on the food only, I’d give it 10/10. Yes, that’s how much I love it. For service, other than the early charge, everything is fabulous. Whenever you want to order some more, they’ll accept your orders nicely, and food come really fast, too.
Overall Rating: 9/10
Senayan City Lt. 5 No. 27
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Pusat