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Segara Village Hotel in Sanur is our 3rd stop during our Bali trip last May. Out of 5 hotels we stayed in this trip, this hotel managed to win our heart so deeply and has become our #1 favorite hotel among all.

First, the location. Sanur is definitely not Seminyak or Ubud, where hundreds (even) thousands of trending and luxury hotels/resorts spread everywhere in the neighborhoods – but there is something about Sanur that always makes it so special. Sanur is relatively calm area, with white sandy beach and quiet surroundings, it’s clearly not a popular destination compared to other areas in Bali, but personally, I always love Sanur for the humble surroundings and cleaner air.

I used to visit Sanur for the beach and the cafes, also groceries shopping at Hardy’s, which is the best place to get everything I need. While I also love Ubud for holiday and sightseeing, I love Sanur better because I don’t need to go that far to get the same quiet feeling and I still can access many places within the city of Bali with many kinds of transportation. So, when I want to get a vibe of holiday with privacy but still want to have easy access to the city life, Sanur is always the best choice for me.

It began in the early 1950’s when the married couple, Mr. & Mrs. Kompiang built 35-room hotel which soon became a firm favorite for international travelers as well as visiting dignitaries and government officials. In 1967, Segara Village Hotel was built featuring just 10 bungalows, inpired by Sanur’s unique sense of community. Over the years, Mr. Kompiang pioneered some unique hospitality concepts including the launch of a Balinese evening of traditional dance and music.

Today, Segara Village is a 5-hectare property with 123 bungalows and international facilities. It is currently managed the third generation of Mr. Kompiang’s growing family. Despite many modern touches to anticipate the needs of seasoned travelers, the hotel still manages to remain true to its Balinese roots, including the 100 years old tree in Balinese temple near the reception area.

DSC_1773-1 copy DSC_1779-5 DSC_1780-6

Upon entering the main area, we were welcomed with such a beautiful green surroundings, well-maintained gardens with many Balinese style statuettes and buildings. We proceeded directly to the reception area, which is located in the middle of the garden area, and the check-in process was as smooth as silk. Before we headed to our room, our eyes were spoiled by the magnificent view of the main pool with reflecting green water.


Reception area.


Heaven on earth.

DSC_1967-16 copy DSC_1791-10

Our Family Bungalow Room is a 2 storey bungalow consisting of the bigger Master Bedroom on the first floor, and the smaller room on the ground floor. There is also a large open air living room in front of the ground floor bedroom overlooking the frangipani/plumeria garden that can be shared by both rooms.


Family Bungalow Room is 2 storey bungalow consisting of 2 separate bedrooms.

DSC_1839-5 copy

Open air living room that can be shared by the 2 bedroom guests.


Master Bedroom upstairs with bigger area and bathtub.


We stayed in the ground floor bedroom, although it is smaller than the master bedroom but we really loved the room. The bed is very comfortable and the heart-warming interior design really made our sleeping time so priceless.

DSC_1883-15 DSC_1873-10 copy DSC_1851-8 DSC_1857-9

Since we checked in to this hotel in the evening, we only managed to capture few shots before the sun went down. However, we were extremely amazed by how well-maintained the environment is. There are so many trees and basically nature surrounding us in the hotel area, but we barely saw any wild insects or “unwanted” animals around. We were told that the trees are numbered one by one so when something is wrong with them, the gardeners will point at the numbers and they will take care of the sick plants immediately, cool!


Main garden area heading to the iconic jacuzzi bar.


Walking around, the hotel provides resort map so the guests won’t get lost. Actually the layout is quite simple and easy to remember, but with the map, we know all the facilities available in the hotel. For example, there is this building with glass windows and doors, it looks something like gazebo for relaxing but we see many bookshelves inside. And you guessed it right, it is a library for guests who want to spend their quality reading time in a serene and quiet surrounding without any disturbance. Holiday seems perfect here in Segara Village!




Infinity Pool overlooking the Sanur Beach.


Take a dip in the afternoon is always a great idea!


Kids Playground is located just near the restaurants.


Semi-open air restaurant area near the infinity pool and beach.

The most crowded area in this hotel is probably the beachfront dining areas followed by the infinity pool. The dining areas are divided into many places but they all are included in Byrdhouse Beach Club. Almost every spots are open air and screaming beach vibe, but if you have chance, make sure to be seated at the beachfront dining area overlooking the Sanur beach. Yes, you can even sit back and relax on one of the beanbags chairs, hop on to the locals’ boats, or even walking and swimming near the beach.


DSC_2016-1 DSC_1811-23


The next day, we were even more surprised when we walked out of our room. The sun shined so brightly and the blue sky really gave a totally different view of everything. I seriously felt like I was in paradise especially with all the beauties in front of my eyes and the windy weather that made the stay so comfortable!

DSC_2033-8DSC_2027-4DSC_2029-5 copyDSC_2032-7DSC_1962-14 copyDSC_1966-15DSC_1968-17DSC_2034-9DSC_1955-10DSC_1886-16 copy DSC_1894-22 DSC_1893-21 DSC_1902-25 DSC_1895-23 DSC_1896-24 copy

So basically in this Byrdhouse Beach Club, we can order everything from 4 restaurants inside Segara Village Hotel, which are: Le Pirate Kitchen, Minami Japanese Kitchen & Teppanyaki, Amuse Gueule Patisserie, and Byrdhouse Cocktail Lounge & Bar. All these restaurants offer extensive selections of menu from Asian to Western dishes, including some signature local cuisine that are worth trying. During our 3D2N stay here, we tried so many things and although we loved most all of the presentations, we must say that there are many hits and misses. The ingredients are undoubtedly the best of their kinds, but some of the dishes need major revamps in term of flavors and recipes, IMHO. However, it’s clear that majority of the guests are foreigners, so maybe the Asian dishes have been somehow “tweaked” to suit foreigners’ tastes better.


Complimentary Bread Basket


Spend quality time at the beachfront dining area with colorful drinks.


Spaghetti Vongole (Spaghetti Aglio E Olio with Mixed Clams, Olive Oil, and White Wine Sauce) IDR 100,000


Crispy Duck (Balinese Marinated Half Duck Presto) IDR 85,000


Beef Tenderloin (200 gr Australian Beef Tenderloin) IDR 250,000


Beef Tenderloin (200 gr Australian Beef Tenderloin) IDR 250,000


Nasi Rawon (Indonesian Beef Black Soup) IDR 75,000


Laksa, Tom Yum, Croque Madame, and Pizza, what else do you need?


A superb 500 grams of soft and succulent US Baby Back Ribs with perfect seasoning, amazing texture and flavor! I will come back to this place even only for another dosage of this fingerlicking delicious ribs! XD


US Baby Back Ribs IDR 350,000


Byrdhouse Big Breakfast IDR 100,000


Garlic Chili Squid IDR 55,000

For Japanese food lovers, you definitely have to try dining at MINAMI which offers authentic (and fusion) Japanese cuisine with beautiful presentations and awesome ingredients. Take a look!


Sushi and Sashimi Platter IDR 138,000


Sushi and Sashimi Platter IDR 138,000


Eel Sushi IDR 135,000


Eel Sushi IDR 135,000


Chicken Satay IDR 28,000

To end it all, there is also a crepe station where we can order freshly-made crepes and waffles with sweet or savory toppings. I think this is  a nice addition to the already festive dining areas because watching how the crepes being made in front of your eyes is somehow interesting!


Chili Sausage Crepe IDR 33,000


Smoothie or Milk Shake? Your choice!

During our stay there, we noticed that majority of the guests are mature European and American people, who are very friendly and relaxed. It was very comfortable for us since nobody really cared about what others do, so privacy was highly appreciated there. The hotel staffs are very kind and helpful everywhere in the hotel area, made us feel very well taken care of. There was one incident when the electricity of the whole hotel area went off and we were in the beach club drinking, according to our friend who was still in the room, a minute after it happened, someone knocked the door and it was actually a staff sending out chocolates to the guests as an apology for what had just happened. And tell you what, the electricity just went off for less than 30 seconds but such gesture will definitely last forever in every guests’ minds and hearts!

Overall, our stay in Segara Village is so unforgettable and we HIGHLY recommend this hotel for you to stay. Thanks Segara Village for the hospitality and we shall come back soon!


Le Pirate Kitchen & Beachfront
Operating Hours: Everyday 6AM – 11PM

Amuse Gueule Patisserie
Operating Hours: Everyday 6.30AM – 11PM

Minami Japanese Kitchen & Teppanyaki
Operating Hours: Everyday 10AM – 11PM

Byrdhouse Cocktail Lounge & Bar
Operating Hours: Everyday 6AM – 12AM

Jacuzzi Bar
Operating Hours: Everyday 10AM – 10PM


** This review is written based on our stays on 25-27 May 2016.


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