If my memory doesn’t fail me, Rice Bowl used to be just a fast-food chain in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I remember about them. Nowadays, Rice Bowl is much more than just that, but more as a family restaurant, serving quite large variety of simple cooked dishes, mostly Asian’s cuisines. 
Its location is very good actually, because it’s on the same floor with the Lotte Mart, and people who go shopping there usually stop there to eat before or after shopping. There are some other eating places on that floor but clearly everytime I go to Gandaria City, I never saw this restaurant without any guest. The place is not too big, but cozy enough to spend a good lunch or dinner with family or friends. Since I was with family that time, we decided to order the food for sharing.
Roasted Duck (Regular) – IDR 65,000
Honestly, I wasn’t really happy with the duck. I expected something better than this. There wasn’t much meat (don’t tell me this duck has big bones, ha!), a bit too oily, and not so tasty. But it was juicy and not dry, which made it edible.

Mapo Tofu – IDR 30,900
Nice and easy for stomach, tofu was well-cooked and blended well together with the sauce.

Black Pepper Beef – IDR 42,900
This one was actually very nice, too. Beef was cooked perfectly, and the black pepper sauce was really good, it was hot. Definitely recommended.

I Fu Mie – IDR 29,900
I Fu Mie is one of my favorite foods, and I just had to order it 🙂 I know it can’t be seen in this photo, but the portion size was actually quite small. But what can I expect? I think this is supposedly for one person, not for sharing. The noodle was crispy and very nice, while the veggies and other toppings really completed the taste. Again, as an i fu mie’s fan, it’s hard for me to say bad things about it. Love it!

Seafood With Homemade Sauce – IDR 38,900
This was the weirdest food we had that night. I didn’t get what they mean by the name. There were only fried shrimp and squid if I remember correctly. And last time I checked, seafood doesn’t only consist of shrimp and squid. Taste was below average, we felt like a plate of unused “seafood” were served for us. Presentation was also awful, totally a turn off.
Steam Rice – IDR 5,900
Rice wasn’t the best. A bit hard and color also looked unappealing.

Kuan Yin Tea – IDR 6,900

Good amount of variety, taste and presentations have a lot to improve.
Considerably expensive.
Rice Bowl
Gandaria City LG – L37-39 
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No.8
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan