M & GOLD cafe in Kemang is a place to visit if you happen to love tea and chocolate, as they have their own artisan chocolate products and various kinds of tea menu to accompany those sweets. Not only that, if you’re looking for ‘heavier’ dishes, you can also find them here.

Look at that “chocolate blocks” ceiling, cute!!


Located on Kemang Raya street, this cafe is right across LPPI/Shell gas station. With typical ruko location, the parking space is very limited but you can always park somewhere along the street.

Decorated with modern European theme, M & GOLD looks beautiful and sophisticated with white base color and touches of brown and gold. The sturdy Victorian chairs are really easy to the eyes and very comfortable, too.


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Strawberry Caipiroska IDR 45,000

This mix of strawberries, lime, lime juice, sugar, and club soda was excellent way to refresh our tongues while we were waiting for the dishes to come. Sadly, the lime was too strong and the dominant taste was only sourness.


Peach Mojito IDR 45,000

Loving this mojito so much because it had all the flavors that mojito has to offer without being too much. No toothpaste taste from the mint leaves, the peach pieces were given generously and very sweet, everything was just perfect.


Bitterballen IDR 35,000

Crispy breaded rounds filled with mushroom and cheese, served with tartar sauce. It seems that they are quite proud of this menu and honestly I understand why. The breaded skins were crispy and the inner part was smooth and tasty. I didn’t even feel the need to use the sauce because the balls were already flavorful just like that. Tartar sauce was more like mashed, creamy sauce, super yummy.


Mushroom Soup IDR 45,000

This was such a beauty! A very thick, rich, yet smooth mushroom soup with mushroom slices and sprinkles of olive oil on top. Combination of flavor and class in a plate.

_DSC6221-19-copy _DSC6227-18-copy

Portobello Mushroom in Seasoned Butter IDR 85,000

As if the mushrooms weren’t enough, we tried this portobello mushrooms sauteed in warm butter dressing, served with slices of baguette. Although this looked quite scary with all of oil flooding the plate, the dish was simply GREAT. Spread the oil and put the mushrooms onto the baguette slice, I was hooked at the first bite.

Available in single serving for IDR 40,000.


Minute Steak with Truffle Fries IDR 155,000

120 gram tenderloin served with homemade truffle fries, sauteed vegetables, caramelized onion and Bearnaise sauce.

As the first main, we tried this steak which is apparently the recommended dish from M & GOLD. Seriously, we had high expectation for “recommended menu” and we couldn’t wait to try this.

The steak was quite thin and didn’t look anything like tenderloin, IMHO. The plating was also very plain and unattractive in one and many senses. The sauce was already put onto the sauce creating a dry, yellowish brown layer. When I cut a part of the steak, I was surprised to see the texture of the meat, because it looked like a beef brisket rather than tenderloin steak. Understood that minute steak usually is pounded hard with tenderizer, but this was definitely different from the usual minute steaks I had ever had in the past. Taste-wise, the Bearnaise sauce was completely overpowered by caramelized onions so the dominant taste was sweet. Not something I prefer, but as cliché as it gets, it comes back to one’s preference so don’t be afraid to try!


Fruity Sangria IDR 45,000

Mixed fruits with cranberry juice infused over the night and served chilled. No alcohol here and this is very fruity and light, kids will love it for sure.


Green Rice with Signature Grilled Chicken IDR 85,000

For the Asian dishes, we opted for the Green Rice, which FYI, was very DELICIOUS! The rice was rich in flavors, not mentioning that they also included some small fishes (ikan teri) inside. Served with spiced and well-seasoned grilled chicken, fried potato sticks and crackers, this dish was an oasis for Indonesian cuisine lover like me although I was dining in European-themed cafe.

_DSC6231-17-copy _DSC6233-5-copy

Fettuccini Peste with Roast Chicken IDR 70,000

I love pasta, and fettuccini is one of pasta that I can never resist. They use homemade pesto and it was quite good although lacking of taste (bland). The fettuccini was a little too soft and it was a turn off because we love al dente ones. The chicken was good and juicy although a bit smelly, like it had been in freezer for quite some time.

_DSC6253-11-copy _DSC6258-10-copy

Kahlua & Co IDR 25,000

Since M & GOLD doesn’t serve alcohol at all, even this drink doesn’t use alcohol as the ingredient. However, the flavor was very much kahlua with hint of coffee, and it was very refreshing.


Apple Strudel IDR 40,000

Beautifully presented dessert with elegance and simplicity. The pastry skin was thick and a bit hard, while the filling was awesome. The apple was sweet and enhanced with distinctive taste of cinnamon. Served with vanilla ice cream, this dessert was  surely everyone’s favorite.

_DSC6259-9-copy _DSC6263-8-copy

Carrot Cake IDR 35,000

This could be perfect if we got a fresh one, because this one was apparently very old stock and had probably been there for weeks. No kidding. The pound cake was very hard, it was almost impossible to cut it without force, let alone enjoying it with fork only. The actual taste of the cake was good, not too sweet, and I could taste the chopped carrots, walnuts, cinnamon, and nutmeg in it.


Signature Hot Chocolate IDR 25,000

The lunch that day was finished with a very nice cup of signature hot chocolate, which had the best, rich and creamy texture with fragrant cocoa. Seriously, it was so good that I wanted to pair it with some churros if I wasn’t too full yet. Made from real chocolate, you can even feel the natural cocoa oil while you are sipping it, a totally yummy experience for us.


In conclusion, M & GOLD cafe definitely has its hits and misses during our lunch last time, but overall, we love the food, the place, and the service. Price-wise, they use good quality ingredients and many dishes use truffle, and we think the prices are reasonable – you get what you pay for. We are definitely coming back!



*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 6 April 2016.


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M & GOLD Salon de Thé, Chocolat & Pâtisserie
Jl. Kemang Raya 34 D (across LPPI/Shell)
South Jakarta
Ph. +62 21 2270 7144

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM