Nowadays, finding a good Japanese restaurants with affordable prices is not too difficult anymore, especially the ones serving noodles, rice bowls, or even sushi. The one place that I found accidentally a couple of weeks ago is Torico, a Japanese restaurant located on the second floor of FX Sudirman. “Torico” comes from “tori” which means “chicken”, and “co” means “company”. It is bright, simple, and heart-warming with colors of red, light brown and black dominating the place. There is also a semi-open kitchen with blurry glass window so patrons can see what happens in kitchen from the dining area, hmm, not really visible, but the concept is there.

Their signature dishes are ramen, donburi and hotplates. The menu book includes many kinds of food, from appetizers to desserts, there are even sushi rolls. Frankly speaking, we wanted to have the dinner in the sushi place just across Torico, but we decided to try this because the menu looked so tempting and the prices are so much cheaper, too.
Chicken Teriyaki Don IDR 22K
The chicken smelled like it had been put in the freezer for quite sometime. The meat was tender, sauce was okay, and it is *very* cheap.

ToriCo Ramen (M) IDR 24K

The “M” means miso based soup, which was quite nice and thick. The noodle itself was a bit weird, the texture was like a kind of instant noodles with golden packs (the premium version of Indomie). The chicken was nice, and I loved breaking the egg yolks and blending it in the soup. Although the portion was quite big, I wasn’t too satisfied maybe because of the thin noodles that wasn’t feel like usual floury ramen noodles. For you spicy lovers, you may wanna try the hot and spicy based soup!

Chicken Katsu Don IDR 25K

Similar to the teriyaki one, the chicken was a bit smelly although this one wasn’t that bad. However, the cutlets were really nicely fried, with crispy coatings and tender meat. And for that price, I will definitely come back for this!

Torico Amiyaki IDR 22K
One of their signature dishes, so we gotta have it, right? 😀 Basically chicken cubes served on a sizzling hot plate, it was nicely presented, and the chicken was very tender, too.

Tsukune Stick IDR 20K

Our appetizer was served very late, when we almost finished everything. The good news: it was very fresh when it came. We really didn’t know what it was so we ordered it. The sticks are made from beef but they were very soft.

Salmon Crunchy Roll IDR 21K
Salmon, spicy mayo and tobiko, nice set to start our sushi journey!

Wasabi Roll IDR 26K

This surprisingly looked so festive and cute with all the green colors of wasabi mayo and orange from the tobiko! Yet another chicken roll, this was no different with the others, but a joy to the eyes as well!


Torico Roll IDR 21K

Chicken roll with spicy mayo and tobiko, a very nice combination between the tender chicken meat with the generous sauce, although I hoped that the spicy mayo could be a bit spicier.

Salmon Enoki Roll IDR 30K
Fried salmon and enoki served with spicy mayonnaise, no salmon taste could be detected but the enoki was still very enjoyable. Love their generous portions!

Alaska Roll IDR 28K
By this time, you already can guess the ingredients, no?

Now Torico already has 3 outlets: Mall Ciputra, FX Sudirman and another one in Margo City, Depok. 2 new outlets will be opened soon in Emporium Pluit Mall and Lippo Super Mall Karawaci. I personally love this place, with the simplicity, the ambiances, and the food. I recommend you to try their signature dishes, and also the sushi. It’s a common thing to see sushi flooded with mayonnaise like you can find in this place (because Indonesian people simply love sushi served that way!), but if you don’t really like mayo, it can be a major disaster as you probably can tell that the main ingredients for the sushi are mainly just salmon, chicken, mayo and tobiko. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my dining experience with Torico and I will definitely come back to try some more of their dishes. Hopefully as time goes by, they still can maintain the quality and quantity of their food and don’t shrink as they gain more popularities, LOL!

*All prices are subject to 3% service charge & 10% government tax

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