Well, the last 2 weeks I forgot to write Tribute Post (a weekly blog post about not-so-new restaurants that we visit quite often, check the first one HERE), and this week, I am going to write about a place that is already so popular that a blog post dedicated for it almost seems ridiculous! 
YES! It’s Sushi Tei, peeps!
This time I went to the outlet in Gandaria City (our favorite is the Plaza Senayan one, though) for a dinner. Sushi Tei is probably the MOST popular Japanese casual restaurants in Indonesia and I think I don’t need to write any introduction. Personally, I am not a really a fan, but sometimes, I do visit it because my family (sister’s family, to be exact) is a huge fan of Sushi Tei and they can go there like, every week. And if we happen to go together during weekends…, you guess it right, Sushi Tei.

I guess what makes Sushi Tei that popular is because of its wide selection of Japanese food, from sushi, sashimi, rice/noodle bowls, set menu, and they always have updated promotions all the time. The outlets are also designed with Japanese theme and interestingly, it’s a rare occasion to dine in Sushi Tei without having to be in waiting list. Everytime we go there, we always end up ordering so many dishes and this time was no exception. 
Spicy Salmon Maki IDR 28K

Inari Kanimayo IDR 20K

 Salmon Nigiri IDR 20K

Tuna Salad Hand Roll IDR 18K

Salmon Maki IDR 22K

Salmon Hand Roll IDR 18K

As you can probably tell from the photos, the fishes like salmon and tuna are always very fresh and delicious. The thing that we always have to order is the Spicy Salmon Maki, and also the hand rolls. Inari sushi is also another must-order item.

Jumbo Dragon Roll IDR 94K

This is probably one of the most popular signature dishes there, and don’t get the order wrongly because there is another menu called Dragon Roll, which is simpler version of it. Basically crab meat, ebi tempura, tanuki sushi roll topped with unagi and avocado, this roll seems like a heavenly treat for fusion sushi lovers. Always love this beautiful and colorful, tasty sushi roll.

Fuji Roll IDR 32K

This salmon, crab stick and tamago sushi roll is stacked up resembling Mount Fuji and not only it looks so beautiful, it also tastes fantastic. Love it!

Salmon Don IDR 55K

This rice bowl is very tiny, with small amount of rice topped with beautiful, fresh salmon slices. Taste is delicious but portion wise, it is disappointing. My suggestion is, rather than ordering this, take 3 pieces of Salmon Hand Roll and you’ll be happier that way.

Gyu Tamagotoji Ju IDR 58K

Another small portion with ridiculous small amount of rice topped with beef and egg. The beef was almost tasteless it wasn’t pleasant at all. Guess what? Let’s just stick to the sushi and sashimi.

Negitoro Don IDR 52K

This bowl of rice, tuna and spring onion was very beautiful in appearance, no? Tasted nice with colorful and balanced saltiness, this was good except (again) the tiny portion. 

Salmon Wafu Carpaccio IDR 68K

I am always a fan of wafu dressing so this one wasn’t an exception. Just look at how juicy the salmon looks! The salmon were sliced quite thickly, very fresh and melted in mouth easily, the dressing was just perfect to enhance the sweetness. Love it so much!

Overall, Sushi Tei is always one of Japanese restaurants that we will visit whenever we need quick fix for decent Japanese food, especially sushi. Although there are so many outlets spread everywhere in the world, the menu are about the same one to the other. However, if you care about good service in restaurants like us, I have heard so many not-so-good dining experiences from colleagues or acquaintances about it. Personally, I would recommend the outlets in Plaza Senayan, their services are constantly good and reliable.

*All prices are subject to 7.5% service charge & 10% government tax
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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