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“Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a cheerful young boy named Noel. He was traveling through the magical forest, and suddenly a lion pleasantly approached. The lion named Miko gaved him a golden ticket since Noel has always been a good boy. With full of excitement, Noel searched the magical forest and found the marvelous Cake-A-Boo factory. As soon as he entered, Noel found himself surprised by the amazing cake creations and taste like he never tasted before…”

…….as quoted from ABOUT section on their website.

If I have to mention my favorite stories in all time, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory would definitely make it to the list. 

I remember when I was a kid, I got this story book written by Roald Dahl, and I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the story, and became so obsessed with it for quite a long time. I mean, as a kid, reading this story certainly can bring another level of imagination. Later, I watched the movies (both versions by Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp) when I was older and I love the story even more because I have real imagination about the chocolate factory and its glory!
One can call it movies propaganda, but still. XD

So there is another new dessert place named Cake-A-Boo, opening just last week in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), which I visited on the second day after opening.

Judging from the background story, I think it’s only fair if I make assumption that it’s inspired by my favorite childhood story?

The super cute and colorful interior is quite noticeable from outside.

Cake-A-Boo is located inside the Ruko Garden House complex, after Hawaiian Bistro and before Tang Wang. From outside, it’s difficult not to notice this place as it looks super colorful even from the signboard. The room is not too big but there are plenty of tables which can probably fit about 40 people. I entered the shop thinking about having some cakes for take-away, but once I stepped in, HELL NO! I am so going to sit in there and enjoy my lovely time in that cute room! <33
The whole place is really well-decorated, including all the colorful factory pipes alike that instantly reminded me of Wonka’s chocolate factory! I think the concept is very good and the execution is also perfectly done, giving me a fairytale kind of atmosphere while I was there. 
Oh yes, the menu book is also created like children’s story book complete with colorful contents and hardcover. Everything is engaging nicely!

The first thing I noticed was the conveyor belt, where they put desserts on colored plates, so cute! Like sushi restaurant that we are familiar with, each color represents different price: Green IDR 25K, Blue IDR 30K, and Purple IDR 35K.

I didn’t sit near the conveyor belt (I know, stupid me, because it is the best spot with natural daylight!), but it was good too because I would have grabbed everything on my sight otherwise. XD

I visited Cake-A-Boo on a Sunday noon, around 1.30PM and luckily, there were not many people inside YET. However, the cakes on display were also not complete yet so I had to stick with the available ones. 
BTW I must say they are very creative with the cakes shapes and the presentations are also very attractive! 

Around 2PM, the guests started filling the place, the power of newest hip spot!
Beside single cakes, they also serve whole cakes with various shapes and toppings, with prices range from IDR 179K to IDR 289K. There are some ready-to-buy ones but for safer reason, it’s advisable to order the cake few days before.
Since we just finished a food tasting session in one of restaurants nearby, we were practically too full that time. In the end, I just tried one cake and one drink on the spot.
Green Dome IDR 30K
This is my instant pick the moment I saw the cakes in display glass for the first time. I and Mr. K will never skip or miss any green tea related stuffs so this one was not an exception. 
Okay I must admit that I also eyed for other cute cakes (especially the Diced Cake) but in the end I chose this to try on the spot.
The Green Dome is actually green tea mousse filled with ogura brulee. The shape is beyond cute, don’t you agree? The green tea mousse was okay in texture but lacking of green tea taste, which was a bit disappointing. Ogura brulee taste was very faint, almost unnoticeable. However, I love the sweetness level of this cake, it is just perfect for my taste!

Macchiato Cookie Shot IDR 30K

Ordered this because I can never have cakes without drinks. XD Or perhaps because I was attracted by the explanation from the waiter. 
The macchiato was bitter, but very nice sipped with a bite of the cookie shot. It is probably not the newest concept but it’s always nice to find the decently-made cookie shot with a good taste. 

I had the other 3 cakes for take away and here they are:

Raspunzel IDR 35K

Soft Raspberry mousse infused with pistachio brulee is definitely something I can not resist!! The cake is super attractive with a bright pinkish red color and sprinkled of chopped pistachio around the bottom. Taste was nice, sweeter than the Green Dome but still okay because the raspberry has a hint of sourness. Basically this is quite similar to Green Dome in term of shape and texture, but I didn’t regret trying both.

Official Tiramisu IDR 30K

The tiramisu is put inside an edible mug, which is cleverly made from white chocolate including the handle. This is no brainer that I HAD TO pick this up for take away. The tiramisu is smooth and light, which I like, but for me, it had overpowering milky smell and taste. Other than that, everything is fine.

Tamaya Roll IDR 25K

This tamago sushi look alike is actually a cake and I am sure most all people who see this are curious enough. And seriously, do you know what’s the “tamago” made from? It’s actually layers of srikaya crepes, wow! On the bottom, it is sticky glutinous rice, so no wonder it looks so perfectly alike with Tamago Sushi 🙂
Although the appearance made me instantly picking this up, taste-wise, it’s my least favorite. It was okay but it was gooey and pardon me for saying this, it kind of disgusted me after a bite. I mean, sometimes there are food that are good to look at but will make you go WHAT?! when you eat them. This falls into this category, enough said.

So, what makes Cake-A-Boo so special?

To be completely honest with you, I love their place more than the cakes that I tried. Doesn’t mean that the cakes are not nice, but they are definitely not the best ones I can get in town. However, I really appreciate the warm and friendly service, super informative waiters with decent knowledge about the products and so on. 
Hereby I wish all the best and luck for the newly-opened Cake-A-Boo, and so they can always improve with new creativity so the fame doesn’t only last for few months (sadly that’s the reality nowadays!). Ciao!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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