Little Taiwan is a restaurant chain which is originated from Malaysia but serving mainly Taiwanese food, including the street-style snacks and signature dishes, also the pearl milk tea as well as original tea. Safely to say, Little Taiwan outlets serve only halal dishes, so everyone is happy! 

The restaurant is decorated with green and white theme, which is simple but pretty in my opinion. Although it is not too big but there are 3 dining areas, the inside, outside, and the front area which is basically near the reception table. There are so many staffs too, which I think is great because you never know when you need some hands, right? My visit was around dinner time on a Saturday night, and the restaurant was crowded, especially in outside area.

Their menu are quite extensive too, with selections of noodle, rice set and many others. They also serve many kind of meat, from beef, chicken, even seafood. It could easily be an option if you bring large crowds with different preferences! 
Three Treasures Beef Noodle IDR 52K
This dish is featured on the first page of their menu book, so I doubt that anything could go wrong with this. XD Basically a ramen noodle accompanied with 3 kinds of beef: braised beef, beef tripe, and beef venetian, the bowl was indeed a feast to the eyes and tongue. It is served on an stainless kind of bowl on a wood square container, looked very fresh and tempting! The main point of the beef noodle is actually the rich-flavored soup, which is apparently prepared using selected beef bones and is boiled for about 48 hours. Totally recommended!

Special Beef Shank Rice Set IDR 54K
This rice set came in a large tray and looked really nice and yummy! Let’s start with the rice. I just LOVED the rice so much. It was soft, poured with beef stock or something like that, with tasty beef cuts, it was so nice eaten just like that. And the beef slices were so tender and full of flavors, just massive YUM!! All these tastinesses were perfectly balanced with soft, calming hot clear soup with diced tofu served in a beautiful pumpkin clay pot. There were also a set of 3 mini snacks: sausage, spring roll, and the pumpkin ball, which was my favorite. Basically you get everything in this set and I highly recommend this menu too!

Cream Milk Roasted Oolong Tea with Pearl IDR 28K

Aanndd, we didn’t eat Taiwanese food without the milk tea, right? XD So we ordered this one because it looks so cute in the menu book and seriously we didn’t expect that it would be served similarly with the picture, but it actually was! I really, really loved this drink, the roasted oolong tea was very fragrant.  The pearl was also nice with good consistency, the right chewiness and not sticky. 

Honeydew Milk Tea IDR 22K
Sometimes I go to a restaurant and randomly pick something and when I eat/drink it, I feel some kind of achievement because I pick a very good or delicious thing, that was what I felt when I took my first sip of this drink. Simply said, it was just a total refresher. The right amount of honeydew and milk combined resulting in a very delicious tea, I totally love it. Super duper recommended.

Little Taiwan outlet in Kota Kasablanka really gave me wonderful experience. Not only the food and the drinks were nice, the staffs were very polite and helpful too. I really appreciate their assistances during my visit, and hopefully more restaurants are also like this in the future.

See you in my next visit!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Little Taiwan
Kota Kasablanka Mall LG Unit L27
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Ph. +62 21 2907 1946
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Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00