I love Taiwanese dessert! When I heard that there is a shop selling it in South Jakarta area, I was  ecstatic but it took me months to finally visited the restaurant/cafe. Black Sugar is the name, located in Senopati area, I thought it must be somewhat special because we all know how the area has been a popular point for food hunters. 

It can be a bit tricky to find the place though, but look out for the already-popular Korean restaurant, Arang 22, and Black Sugar is right beside it. Yes, it’s not exactly at the main street of Senopati but it’s more hidden. The restaurant has big black signboard so it’s difficult to miss. Place is not too big but have separated area for smoking. Decoration is very simple and humble, but comfortable enough to enjoy some lovely dessert 😉

Black Sugar offers various types of Taiwanese desserts, from Shaved Iced Desserts and Hot/Cold Desserts (IDR 38K – 50K), Beverages like milk teas, coffee, etc (IDR 10K – 30K), Mini Desserts like pudding and mochi (IDR 10K – 25K), and also some selections of Main Course and Finger Food (IDR 26K – 80K). 

Matcha Grass Jelly (#18) IDR 46K

Black sugar, grass jelly, red bean, green bean, taro and sweet potato, QQ balls, matcha ice cream, condensed milk.

Mango Delight (#1) IDR 45K
Mango, condensed milk, vanilla ice cream.

Taro Sweetheart (#5) IDR 50K
Pearl, QQ balls, taro and sweet potato, red bean, kidney bean, black sugar, condensed milk.

Longan Crush (#10) IDR 48K
Black sugar, chinese red date, red bean, green bean, peanut, kidney bean, condensed milk.

From all the desserts above, my ultimate favorite was my order, the #10, which is a Longan Crush. Although the other bowls were also nice, but I think they were lacking of something, not the sweetness,  for sure. The ingredients used were fresh and crunchy, the grass jelly are soft and smooth, while the QQ balls, pearl and everything was nicely chewy. However, after I tried the flavored shaved ices in SnowBowl Cafe in PIK, my standard for shaved ice desserts kinda increased in a sense, but sometimes when I crave for them, I would just grab some others that I can find nearby.

Popcorn Chicken IDR 32K
A must-order item whenever I am at Taiwanese dessert shops, as I love eating this with my sweet desserts to balance the taste. Afterall, I am more into savory food XD So the popcorn chicken was quite decent, the outer layer was very crispy and the meat was soft and I could tell they were very freshly made because they were piping hot when served. It had nice saltiness and strong fragrance from the leaves, which made it more special. Probably not the best I have had so far but it was good.

Chicken Bento IDR 40K
Was literally shocked when I saw this served, was hoping for something like rice bowl or something. This didn’t look appealing at all, but what about the taste? The chicken was spicy because of the chili peppers, and the meat was soft and tender, literally melted in the mouth. I liked it simply because it had strong taste and well-fried! But will I order this again if I happen to revisit? Hmm, most probably not!

Last but not least, I am glad Black Sugar exists in South Jakarta area, so I don’t need to travel so far just to get my dosage of Taiwanese desserts! Now I have another option beside Hong Tang in Gandaria City whenever I crave for this, so I hope they will succeed and stay on the business for a long, long time!!
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Black Sugar
Jl. Tulodong Bawah No. 1
SCBD Senopati
Jakarta Selatan 12190
Ph. +62 21 521 3697

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