Do you like ramen? For me, I like Chinese noodle (the street food) more than any other versions of noodle in the world, but sometimes I do crave for ramen, too. My favorite is ramen with thick broth, usually made using pork as the main ingredients, so needless to say, it’s not easy to find my favorite ramen here in Indonesia. But now! I wanna share a very good news to you, my readers who can’t eat pork, or those who simply want to eat delicious ramen with no pork, here we have Seirock-Ya Ramen, a shop specializing in 100% PORK FREE ramen originally comes from Japan!


Seirock-Ya was first opened in Tsukuba, Japan in 2009, and after gaining popularity, they opened many more outlets around Japan. In 2014, they opened its first overseas store here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Because majority of people in Indonesia are moslems, Seirock-Ya perfectly fits the people’s needs, where it provides real Japanese ramen with no pork and no alcohol menu.

The outlet we visited is the first one in Jakarta, in Radio Dalam, South Jakarta. It is not too big but very comfortable, especially the bigger, more spacious second floor. We can also see how our ramen are made from the live kitchen area. By the time this post is written, we have made 2 consecutive visits in 2 days just because we absolutely love their dishes. Did I make you curious? Read on! 😉

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Fresh Orange Soda IDR 33,000

Before our ramen bowls were served, we ordered their signature drink, which is a fresh orange squeezed into a soda water. Even before we came here, we have heard many good things about this drink saying that it’s a MUST TRY when you visit here. The presentation is beyond cute, with tall glass and fresh orange on top. We were quite puzzled as how to drink the orange, but in fact we needed to squeeze the contents of the orange (which were already fixed before serving) into the soda water and mix them. The result is amazingly sweet orange soda with hint of sourness, very recommended to wash your mouth after eating thick Toripaitan soup!

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Seirock-Ya Special Chicken Gyoza IDR 27,000

In ramen shop, I think I have never missed ordering side dishes like gyoza or karaage. The reason is because every shop has their own style of making the side dishes, and I can put them as additional toppings on my ramen. The gyoza here are relatively small and thin, they are alright but I have had better ones in many other shops.


Chicken Karaage IDR 27,000

The fried chicken in contrary, was good enough to impress us. They put enough garlic and ginger in the marinating sauce, that made the taste so distinctive. Unlike many other “chicken karaage” we find here in Jakarta, this definitely got a kick!



For the ramen, Seirock-Ya’s major menu is Toripaitan Ramen. The soup is made from 100% chicken with unbelievably rich texture. It’s also popular among women in Japan because it has a lot of collagen that is believed to be good for health and beauty. For the variety, they offer many selections of base, from Shio (Salt), Shoyu (Japanese Soy Sauce), Miso, Ekstrim, Sesame, Combination, Traditional Tokyo style, and Traditional Hokkaido style. For those who are into spicy soup, they also have Spicy Ramen category with 3 levels of spiciness; from Angel (level 1), Monster (level 3), and Devil (level max)!

Prices for the ramen range from IDR 49,000 to 79,000, depends on the variety and toppings you choose.

Toripaitan Ramen Ekstrim with Chashu IDR 74,000

Claimed to be the #1 most popular ramen variant in the shop, this Ekstrim (Extreme) category uses thick noodle and has super special taste, thanks to the thick soup made from mixes of chicken broth, vegetable oil, and seafood oil. It is recommended to eat the soup in 2 different ways, eat it just like that, or squeeze the provided lemon to get another different sensation.

During our first visit here, I chose this one and this was the ramen that made me visiting the same shop two days in a row. I mean, this comes from someone who doesn’t even list ramen on her favorite food, yet made me so crazy about it from the first slurp. The soup was really thick and tasty, like, I couldn’t believe that no pork is included in the process! I had never known chicken based soup can be THAT good and addictive.


Toripaitan Ramen Shoyu with Chashu IDR 67,000

Toripaitan ramen with shoyu was good, too. I think as long as you order something with toripaitan in it, you’ll be good.


Toripaitan Ramen Miso with Egg IDR 65,000

Okay, in our endless journey finding “edible” Miso Ramen here in Jakarta, well, search no more, because Seirock-Ya has it! Normally I have never really liked miso ramen because of its smell, but here the miso is nicely blended into the thick toripaitan and made it so good.

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Spicy Ramen Devil IDR 69,000

And because one bowl was not enough for us (trust me, normal people will think it’s big portion and super fulfilling but let’s say we’re not average people when it comes to eating, LOL!), we ordered a bowl of spicy ramen just because we were too curious to try it out! I mean, we all know how weak Japanese people with spicy food so we didn’t really expect it to be that spicy, right?


Turned out our spicy ramen with maximum level of spiciness came SO red and fiery! And yes, we spotted lots of minced orange chili, and at that moment we knew that it could be REALLY spicy. XD I tried the soup first but slurping is definitely bad when you eat this because you’ll just cough continuously if you do that. The soup was crazily spicy and it gave a stinging sensation to the lips and whole mouth afterwards. The noodle was also drenched in that hot soup and with sweats on our faces, we finally managed to finish the bowl off! It was a crazy session but I loved it! XD

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Chicken Katsu Don IDR 47,000

If you come with no means of eating ramen (why do you come here, anyway?!), you can always opt for their other menu like Abura Soba (yes, they have it!), donburi or rice bowls, curry rice and other things you normally find in ramen chain. Their Chicken Katsu Don is pretty decent, with big portion and satisfying presentation. The rice was so smooth I couldn’t stop eating it.


Overall, a great ramen shop that needs more recognition from ramen lovers in Jakarta. Up to date, there are 4 outlets in Jakarta so far: this outlet in Radio Dalam, Aeon Mall, and Bassura Mall in Cipinang East Jakarta. If you come here for the first time, we recommend trying the Toripaitan Ekstrim and we guarantee you’ll not be disappointed! 😉



* All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

** This review is written based on our visit on 3 September 2016.


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