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SEIROCK-YA 清六屋ラーメン, Radio Dalam, Jakarta

Do you like ramen? For me, I like Chinese noodle (the street food) more than any other versions of noodle in the world, but sometimes …

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Kane Resto Radal, Radio Dalam, Jakarta

In Jakarta, it is not hard to find expensive restaurants. Sadly, some (if not most) of them do not deliver: usually the food or service …

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Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar, Radio Dalam, Jakarta

For most people, one place that always creeps them out is hospital. Why? Because hospital is identical with house for sick people, and we usually …

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Selera Meneer, Radio Dalam, Jakarta

Some days ago, I visited this newly-opened restaurant in KH Ahmad Dahlan street, Radio Dalam area. The name and exterior seem promising so I kind …

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(REVISIT) Sushi Miya8i, Radio Dalam

Some people say, “It’s better to have only few but great ones, rather than having a lot but bad ones”. Maybe this saying can be …

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Sushi Miya8i (Miyabi)

Christian Sugiono? How come that name sounds familiar? Ah yes, he’s the husband of the stunning Indonesian actress Titi Kamal, the one I saw on …

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