Hello, everyone!

This time, I and Mr. K will share super easy recipe how to make a simple yet delicious udon with ingredients that you normally have at home!

Ingredients (main):

A) Dried Udon Noodles or Frozen Udon
B) Tsuyu (Japanese soya sauce for udon, usually with fish stock)
C) Katsuobushi (Dried bonito flakes)
Ingredients (Topping):
A) Kake: Spring Onion, White Radish, Kamaboko (Japanese fish cake).
B) Tanuki: Spring Onion, White Radish, Ginger, Kamaboko, Tenkasu (Fried tempura batter).
C) Kitsune: Spring Onion, *Aburaage (Sweetened deep fried tofu pocket), Nori (Seaweed).
D) Tempura: Spring Onion, White Radish, Ginger, Tempura (Prawn or *Kakiage).

Udon: Boiled Water, 1/2 pack of Dried Udon Noodles/ 1 pack of Frozen Udon, Bowl of Ice cube and water.
Soup: 5-7 Cup of Water, 1 Cup of Tsuyu, 1/2 Pack of Katsuobushi.

1) Prepare boiled water and put the udon in and heat it with normal heat (stir with chopstick frequently). When the water is fluffy, lower the heat.
2) Cook the noodle until it become little bit transparent then strain the water out with draining basket.
3) Quickly wash udon with the ice water in the bowl (Squeeze the noodle softly and wash away slippery surface of udon).
4) Strain the water out with draining basket.

1) Put 5 cups of water into pot and boil it with low heat.
2) Put katsuobushi (In the strainer) or dashi (Instant fish stock) into the boiling water for 10 minutes.
3) Put 1 cup of Tsuyu and boil for another 5 minute.
Topping Tips and Info:
Spring Onion:
Slice it into long thin strips
White Radish & Ginger:
Grate it. *(Ratio for white radish is 1 tablespoon and for ginger is 1 teaspoon.)
Slice it with each slice thickness of 5mm.
2 pieces of Aburaage, 150 ml of Dashi (Fish stock), 1 tbsp of Suger, 1 tbsp of Mirin, 2 tbsp of Sake, 1 tbsp of Shouyu (Japanese soya sauce).
1) Mix suger, Mirin, Sake, Shouyu into pod.
2) Put aburaage in the sauce and boil it until aburaage sucks all the sauce.
Kakiage is basically mixed vegetable tempura usually consists of sliced Carrot, Onion, Eggplant.
1) Put Udon into bowl after drain the water out and pour soup into the bowl and put the toppings.

2) Enjoy your Udon!!