Few days ago, we received some samples of Spiku Kenari (Walnut Spekkoek) by Santi’s Cake, a shop specializing in the said cake based in Surabaya, East Java. Santi’s Cake itself is run by a family since 1999 and is apparently quite popular among spiku lovers, especially in Surabaya and Denpasar (they also have a branch in Denpasar as well), and probably all over Indonesia.



If I write about “spiku”, I bet not everyone is familiar with this word. But if I mention “Lapis Surabaya”, I am sure that Indonesians from all ages understand this quite well.

Lapis Surabaya is a type of layer cakes that consist of 3 layers: usually in color of yellow, brown, and yellow. Interestingly, I read that in Surabaya, people more familiarly call this cake as “spiku” rather than “lapis Surabaya”. The word “spiku” itself comes from Dutch word “Spekkoek”, which was developed during colonial times and may have been based on Dutch cake recipes using local ingredients.


Although there are many toppings for spekkoek, Santi’s Cake’s specialty is the spekkoek with walnut (kenari), which are supplied directly from a field in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

The Walnut Spekkoek by Santi’s Cake is made from the grandmother’s recipe, which has gone through many adjustments and modifications time to time. Nevertheless, their basic recipe is still the same, and there is something very classic in every bite, I believe. Using only few ingredients (egg, sugar, flour, milk powder, margarine, and walnut), their spekkoek is simple yet delicious.


Unlike typical “lapis Surabaya”, their walnut spekkoek only has 1 layer -the yellow one- but it doesn’t really matter for me. The cake is soft, moist, and delicate, without being oily at all. The shape is somehow lower in the center because they only sprinkle the walnut in the middle, but we can always take some walnut and enjoy them with the sides as there are plenty of them. 😉 I fell in love to the walnut, thanks to their beautiful golden-colored appearance and crunchy texture. Amazingly, there are still a slight softness behind the crunchiness that makes me can’t stop munching!


The Walnut Spekkoek comes in 2 different sizes: 18 cm x 18 cm, which is priced at IDR 70,000 and 24 cm x 24 cm at IDR 130,000.

Nowadays, beside accepting orders in their shops/outlets, they also accept online orders and can deliver throughout Indonesia with a distance of (maximum) 2 days shipping. When I got mine, the spekkoek were wrapped with plastic inside the cake boxes and put inside their trademark maroon red bags, then tightly wrapped inside cardboard box. Delivery is safe and fast!

Honestly, “lapis Surabaya”, “lapis legit”, or whatever translated as layered cake is not really my cup of tea, but I find that this walnut spekkoek from Santi’s Cake can easily be everyone’s favorites. When I opened this, all my family members were pretty hooked instantly, especially my mother. The best thing is, that consuming this doesn’t worry me since the cake doesn’t use any preservative or additive, so it’s highly recommended to enjoy the spekkoek as soon as possible. It can stay well in room temperature for 5 days and longer if put in the fridge. But again, enjoy it as soon as you buy it, okay? 😉

Now, what are you waiting for? Order yours and enjoy yourselves some lovely spekkoek!


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