Still in Citra Garden area, we also visited Steak On Fire, a steakhouse that looks the most interesting and inviting among some others steakhouses in the complex. At the first glance, it almost reminds me of Gandy Steak House & Bakery, a typical Indonesian steakhouse with simple and not too “westernized” design. In some ways.

The restaurant is considerably big, separated into indoor and outdoor area. I was very tempted to sit in the outdoor area because it looks comfortable and more relaxing, but it was very hot and humid that I decided to sit inside just near the air conditioner. XD I like how they manage to put half sofa seating area in one side and more intimate area in the opposite. The color theme of red and white also bring some kind of refreshing vibe into the whole room, it’s warm and inviting without losing its simplicity.





I was quite surprised to see the menu because everything seems SO CHEAP! The price ranges for F&B are from IDR 3,000 to 90,000 only. Hello, was I really in a steakhouse? Beside the steak, there are also other menu such as pasta, finger food and desserts. And trust me, the most expensive steak (signature dish) only costs IDR 90,000 so I was totally interested to know what kind of steak they were going to serve, especially because I heard good comments about how good their steak is.


Steak on Fire (Tenderloin) IDR 80,000
This is the most recommended signature dish of the place, and it comes in 2 options for the meat: Tenderloin (IDR 80,000) and Wagyu (IDR 90,000). I picked the tenderloin because I simply prefer that as the staff didn’t seem to know much when I asked about the wagyu. Better safe than sorry, right?



So, the Steak on Fire is literally on fire. It is served on a hotplate with separated bowls of XO sauce and black pepper sauce. When it was served, the staff just poured the XO sauce without asking us first, and having no idea about the show, we were not prepared to take photos. 🙁 In the end, we could just snapped some moments when the fire was ignited. The show was short and even until now I am still thinking it would have been better if the staff communicated or informed us first before doing anything to our steak.




The tenderloin meat is supposedly imported meat, but it was a bit different from the ones that I usually eat. This tenderloin had a rough and harder texture, not mentioning that the meat was a bit dry and losing its juice. It was not bad, but I am not sure if it’s the same kind of “imported” meat that we can find in other steakhouses. The black pepper sauce was good, bold and spicy enough to satisfy me. The fries and veggies on the side were also given generously so I think I got what I paid for!


Chicken Schnitzel IDR 37,000

Beside the steak, tried the schnitzel and fell in love immediately to it. The chicken was crispy in the outside and very soft inside, topped with savory sauce and grated cheese. It’s totally a steal and I would recommend this, definitely.



Steak On Fire is probably just a steakhouse in Citra 6 neighborhood, but with the tagline of “Great Taste at A Good Place”, it’s good to give it a try. Time to time, they also hold promotions and I think it becomes even much better deal.

*All prices are subject to 10% government tax


Visited on: 21 February 2015
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