Plaza Senayan is always loaded with fancy cafes and dining places that are interesting to visit, one of them is Victoria Cafe, which is located just in front of Metro Department Store. Although I passed by this beautiful place quite often, but I never really had the chance to visit until some weeks ago. 
The cafe is decorated in Royal Victorian theme, with black as its main color and some gold attributes here and there. Luxurious looking chandeliers are also seen decorating the ceiling, adding the elegant ambiance of the room. I really liked the place, although I don’t really dig the height of the tables. There is no separation between smoking and no-smoking area, and mind you, majority of the room belongs to the smoking one, so if you are not a smoker, this might not be a suitable place for you.

Beef Goulash IDR 42.5K

This Hungarian beef soup was served in right portion accompanied with two slices of very tasty garlic bread. I didn’t expect too much because it is indeed quite hard to find original, authentic goulash here in Jakarta, but I liked this one. With strong taste of herbs and spices, the goulash was pleasing my taste buds quite well and I also liked its texture, although usually I prefer thicker one. Nice attempt.

Lasagna IDR 67.5K

Baked layer of pasta, beef bolognaise and bechamel sauce topped with fresh mozzarella. Although the lasagna looked really good, it was a huge disappointment for me. There was no so-called “layers” like what lasagna should be, it was thin and bland, with the taste of cheese dominating everything. It wasn’t bad but yeah, even homemade lasagna can be better than this.

Chicken Steak IDR 69.5K

Grilled boneless chicken leg served with french fries and vegetables. The chicken was terrific, very soft and tasty (probably well-marinated prior to grilling), the side veggies were fresh and delicious, but the french fries were bad: cold and tasteless. Probably fried before and just taken when customers order them. The gravy was meaningless as even until now I can’t figure out the taste as it was overkilled by the chicken itself. Basically I just ate the chicken steak alone without adding anything else and it was already good.

Equil Sparkling Water IDR 28.5K
No Western food can go wrong with sparkling water! #iklanbanget#

Overall, it was a nice experience dining in Victoria Cafe, 90% thanks to the nice decoration. The seatings are not too comfortable as the tables are too low, the service was pretty poor for a place like this: waitresses with no smile, incapability to recommend menu, and honestly, I don’t really want to come back for anything. 
But well, maybe for the goulash.
*All prices are subject to 7.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Victoria Cafe
Plaza Senayan Level 1 #157A
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Selatan 
Ph. +62 21 572 5108
Free Wi-fi: N/A
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00