Last week, when I was wandering around Lotte Shopping Avenue looking for a place for evening snack, I decided to stop by Blacklisted Coffee. Had been eyeing this restaurant for a while particularly because of the black burger, finally I could make a visit to one of their outlets (the other ones are in Street Gallery of PIM and Puri Indah Mall). Honestly, although I have been visiting LoVe quite often, I didn’t go to that floor to look for food as I usually go around the main dining area or the food court. I was glad that I took the time walking around and found this place, though.
With a rather controversial name, Blacklisted Coffee has its own story behind that. The logo states the year 1675, when King Charles II banned coffee houses, hence the name. It’s quite an interesting history to look up, don’t you think? Despite of its name, the place is totally normal like regular comfy coffee shop decorated by wooden furnitures and Blacklisted cans which give edgy touch. If I remember correctly, the place doesn’t really have separated area for smokers, so it could be a major turn-off for non-smokers. I personally love the place very much, and if I just come for some coffee, I would prefer to sit on the sofa because it looks just so comfortable like the one you have at home. Just nice.

Before I stopped by, though, I already had my late lunch somewhere else in the upper level and was quite full. But in the end, we also ordered some food because they look too tempting to be missed! Duh.

Blacklisted Burger IDR 69K

Stack of onion rings, 100% ground Australian beef patty and beef bacon, melted mozzarella cheese on homemade charcoal bun with coleslaw and potato wedges. The description itself already tastes delicious! The presentation was very interesting with a totally black burger bun dominating the plate, with cutest presentation of the “spilling” mashed potato (we asked to substitute the potato wedges with this), and another cup of coleslaw. Although I was told earlier that the black bun is made from charcoal and could taste a bit bitter, but it wasn’t bitter at all and I just could enjoy the softness and the tastiness of the bun. Seriously it was so fresh, therefore it was great! The beef patty was very tender, moist and juicy, although it was well cooked but it wasn’t dry at all, bravo for the chef. And everything that were put inside the burger, just perfectly balanced. Eventhough the side dishes (mashed potato and coleslaw) were total disappointments, I closed my eyes and proudly declared that I totally LOVE this burger. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Blacklisted Chicken with Banned Sauce IDR 55K

Drumstick smothered with thick spicy peanut sauce and rice.  I thought of something light and the word “drumstick” seemed like the best idea, but I totally missed the “rice” part. Basically a rice set, the presentation was kind of messy and not appealing, at least to me. The “banned sauce” wasn’t really impressive as it tasted more like rujak sauce, not spicy enough but very sweet. I was expecting something so extreme (hence “banned sauce”), but it was just like extremely sweet ayam bumbu rujak. Luckily it was served with slices of green mangoes on the bottom part, so I literally used the remaining sauce to eat them. Although it didn’t match my expectation, somehow I kind of enjoyed the mixed taste of the dish.

Tea in a Pot – English Breakfast Tea IDR 22K

I really love the tea set so here I put many photos of it. Beside English Breakfast, there are also options of other kinds of tea such as: Earl Grey, Peppermint, Chamomile, and Green Tea.

The Roselle IDR 28K

A Blacklisted creation made from the therapeutic roselle flower (or more popularly known here as teh Rosella), this drink was really beautiful and tasted very nice too. And most importantly, it’s healthy, too!

Signature Orange Peel Latte IDR 30K

With espresso, steamed milk, foamed milk and orange peel, this latte was soooo delicious beyond belief. I always enjoy orange peel in my drink, and this one tasted even better because the bitterness matched perfectly with the sweetness of the milk. And not only that, there were LOADS of the pretty sliced orange peels in the bottom of the glass, which was like a surprise treat for me!

Hand Brew – Syphon IDR 40K (2 cups)

We tried the syphon brewed coffee demonstrated by the cool supervisor on our table (which we documented in a video you can view below!), and I must say that it was almost flawless. The coffee was great, with nice aroma and strong taste. I was blown away completely!

Blacklisted Cake IDR 35K

As if it wasn’t enough, I ordered a slice of their signature cake, which seriously looked so tempting despite being put beside the colorful red velvet. The cake was moist with nice layers of orange butter cream which complimented the sweet chocolate. Absolutely lovely dessert to end my food journey with Blacklisted.

Overall a nice place with many selections of good coffee. Definitely will come back to try more of their coffee and food!!

*All prices are subject to 5.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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