When we went to Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, we stopped by Bakmi Grand Kelinci before we came back home. It is still inside the Jungleland area, exactly in the entrance area where we can find options of restaurants, from casual to upscale ones. The name very much reminded me to the other already-popular noodle chain, so out of curiosity, we decided to try what this was about. Apparently, this is not a new noodle restaurant as Bakmi Grand Kelinci has been around since 2008, with outlets spread around Jakarta and Tangerang.
Mie Swekiau IDR 24K
The noodle is the signature dish (hence the name), and it was pretty good. It was chewy, moist and tasty, a bit too tasty with lots of MSG I could tell. The swekiau was bland.

Mie Goreng Seafood IDR 36K
This was the best dish we had that time, the noodle tasted even better when fried, and I especially liked the scrambled eggs!

Mie Ayam IDR 19K

I Fu Mie IDR 36K
I love the noodle for this, and the crispiness, everything about the noodle was just completely my taste. They also put the veggies and everything generously. Recommended!

Pangsit Goreng IDR 19K (5 pcs)
It very much resembles the infamous pangsit goreng of Bakmi GM, but the texture was a bit different, and the sauce was so runny although it tasted quite good. Nice attempt, though.

The food were good enough but I would prefer other noodle chains for these prices. And the outlet where I dined in, it wasn’t crowded at all but the service sucked. There were also many flies wandering around our table, so much for the hygienic restaurant.

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Bakmi Grand Kelinci
Jungleland Boulevard No. 1
Kawasan Sentul Nirwana
Sentul City
Bogor 16810

Ph. +62 21 8796 2371
Wi-fi: N/A
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 10.00 – 18.00, Fri-Sun 09.00 – 18.00
Estimated Spending: min. IDR 30.000/person
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