First of all, finally I found a burger that can be compared to the glory of Burger King! *laugh* 
Today I went to Emporium Pluit Mall just to meet a friend and try this place. It’s located on the second floor, has a quite spacious dining tables, and good view if you sit outside the shop like we did today. 
They’re currently having some promotions, but since today is Valentine’s day, and it was just two of us, we chose the Valentine’s promotion, which is, buy 2 combos of any burger (these 2 burgers have to be the same variety), and you’ll get free ice cream sundae. We chose the FAMOUS STAR with cheese  (charbroiled all beef patty, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, sliced onions, dill pickes, special sauce and mayonnaise on a toasted sesame seed buns), for the fries and drinks we ordered the medium package which only cost Rp. 20.000,-. Beside that, we also ordered the chicken star, which taste just like usual chicken nuggets, but I have to say this here, it’s not a good idea to order those if you already order the burger because nuggets are quite filling, and their burgers are like, HUGE.
For everything that we ordered, we just paid Rp. 126.000,-, which is a very, very great deal. And I have to say that their medium-sized drink cups rock my socks! It’s LARGE and they put the drink dispensers for us to take our own drinks. They serve varieties of soda drinks, ice tea, coffee, whatever you name it. It simply gives a lot of positive points in my eyes, because as far as I’m concerned, I have never found a fast food chain which serves free flow drinks. Hands down.
Farah Quinn is the brand ambassador of Carl’s Jr. Indonesia

Medium Drink Cup
2 FAMOUS STAR with Cheese burgers, 2 fries, chicken star


Let me say more about the quality of the food.
So the burgers come right from the oven, I can even still feel the hotness of the buns. The lettuces are really nice, green and fresh, very crunchy. Tomatoes, onions and the pickles enhance the taste of the meat, which is really nice because they somehow help digesting the meat in the mouth. The cheese is real star. It melts and joins together with the sweetness of the meat and the buns complete everything. Definitely a winner!
Overall Rating: 10/10
Carl’s Jr.
Emporium Pluit Mall 2F