Cecilia’s Cafe is a simple cafe located at Ampera Raya street between Pasar Minggu and Kemang in South Jakarta. Before my visit this time, I spotted this place last week when I took a wrong way after trying to go to some place looking for lunch.


A simple white theme dominates the whole cafe, which is BTW, including 2 floors of the building. The first floor is smaller, second floor is much better with nice space, beautiful windows, and some booths seating area: indoor and outdoor.


Everything in this place screams foreigners, and later I found out from the staffs that it is indeed, owned by Australian(s).






Cecilia’s Cafe is not a new name, in fact, it’s already been quite popular among expats here in Jakarta. Established in 2013, many expats in Jakarta find the place one of the must-visit spots, and I could see that during my short visit, there were some patrons having lunch and all of them are foreigners.


That really made me curious as how good this place is!


Cecilia’s Cafe serves All-day Breakfast menu, Soup, Salad, Snack, Mains, even Kids menu, selections of drinks, with prices ranging from IDR 15,000 – 160,000. Honestly, I think the cafe is more targeted to foreigners rather than locals, but I certainly won’t mind spending money for value 🙂


Seeing the menu, I am quite impressed by the selections (even sandwiches, they have nice variety of bread) but since I just finished big lunch at another place, I only ordered few stuffs to try.


For the drinks, I ordered Iced Cappuccino (IDR 30,000) while Mr. K opted for Iced Coffee (IDR 35,000). Both are quite standard, but I prefer mine more. The iced coffee is kind of bland and too mild for our taste. My brother tried the Mochiato (IDR 30,000), which looks good with 3 layers but he described as a “so-so”. :p


Better luck next time!


Iced Cappuccino (IDR 30,000)


Mochiato (IDR 30,000)


Iced Coffee (IDR 35,000)


The highlight of the day is definitely the PIES! What we miss so much about Australia is the delicious pies that come with many fillings. Tried the Steak & Mushroom Pie (IDR 55,000) and we couldn’t be happier. Flaky and crispy crust, filled with meat and mushroom generously, the pie is a blast! I am so glad we finally found a decent place in Jakarta serving Australian-style meat pies! <333



Steak & Mushroom Pie (IDR 55,000)


And because the sandwiches menu kept haunting me, in the end, I ordered one which the ingredients I selected one by one. I had the Roast Beef Sandwich (IDR 60,000) with brown-seeded bread, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, roast beef, with mustard and HP sauce.


Roast Beef Sandwich (IDR 60,000)


Must say I really love it, from the toast to the fillings, everything is perfectly fresh and delicious. I won’t recommend the roast beef though as it’s very thin and hard to cut (imagine eating that and the struggle to actually cut it off with your teeth, EW!), but don’t you worry because there are many selections for the meat.


I will definitely come back for the breakfast menu and others!


Meanwhile, keep munching~ 😉


Visited on: 10 January 2015
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Jl. Ampera Raya No. 5
South Jakarta 12510
Phone. +62 21 7179 6048
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat 6AM – 10PM
Sun 6AM – 8PM

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