For someone who grew up in Jakarta like me, a restaurant like Gandy Steak House & Bakery probably means much more than just a regular steak restaurant. I remember when I was a kid, my parents always brought the family there on Sundays to enjoy delicious steaks for lunch or dinner. Nowadays, the restaurant has many branches in Jakarta, and I think I should write about this to spread the love.

Exterior – eye-catching and spacious parking lot

Interesting table mat showing nutritional ingredients of various vegetables and fruits.

Homey and simple theme decorate the room quite nicely.

Complimentary famous Gandy’s bread, served with butter.
I love this bread. It’s soft, smells good and it’s already good even without putting anything, e.g. butter. This is always something that I look for when I eat there.

Gandy’s Salad
A must-try when you’re here. Fresh vegetables with selections of sliced red sausages, boiled eggs, potatoes and so on. Their Thousand Island sauce is one of the best in town! You can even refill the bowl one more time if one bowl is not enough.

Chicken Steak
I really, really, really love this steak. It looks just like regular fried chicken steak, but it is not. The texture is so soft and complimented with the original steak sauce, it’s perfect. With only IDR 78.000 only, you get the combo set of this and the salad. Great price.

Gandy Combination – IDR 68.000
The set comes with a beef and chicken steak. Definitely recommended if you want to try their steaks in one plate. The beef is not too thick, and it’s really juicy. 

Country Steak Beef – IDR 45.000
For a steak made from ground beef, this one is pretty awesome. Despite of the thickness, I don’t feel any dryness at all. The steak itself looks really inviting with all the stuffs going on the top of it.

Surely, this restaurant has never failed me. Every time I go there, for any reason -nostalgy, etc-, I always leave feeling satisfied. This is really what you call old-school restaurants, where you can find the typical red carpet stage with 80-90’s feeling about it. All the steaks are served on the Gandy cow’s shaped hot plates. I just think it’s a bit old-fashioned, but somehow it’s good because it brings back a lot of memories.

My biggest turn-downs are just how things look like they’re falling apart because of age. The staffs especially, they give the weird atmosphere of being in boredom, not really into their work and so on. Most probably because the restaurant has long gone from its prime time. But still.

Gandy Steak & Bakery 
Green Garden Bl 19 No. 3-4, Jakarta 
Phone: (021) 580-1332