When we talk about steak, mostly Jakartans are aware about the legendary steakhouse we have been knowing since long time ago, Gandy Steakhouse. Gandy has been around for so long it’s so nostalgic just by mentioning it. XD Their steaks are not the best if you have tried many kinds of great ones, but something about them are so lovable. If you grew up with one (or many) visits to Gandy, you probably know what I mean. To cut the story short, when my brother-in-law told me that Gandy opens a new steakhouse in Citywalk Sudirman, I just had to go!


However, it’s not really Gandy that we all know, since the restaurant is named Mucca. According to the staff, Mucca is actually owned by younger sibling of Gandy’s owner, hence the different brand. If you are wondering whether they provide the same kind of food, keep reading to find out! 😉

For a restaurant inside a shopping mall, Mucca occupies quite a large area, separating in two: smoking and non-smoking. The place is decorated with urban industrial design and a touch of country-style color that gives warm and inviting ambience. I love how they keep everything neat and simple, yet good enough for business lunch or even family gathering.


Seeing the menu, we consider this place is very much similar to Gandy. Some considered their food are more pricey because the side dishes are not included in the steak prices (which we also agree), but we think the prices are still very affordable. Not to mention that we think their target market is actually more to Japanese expats who practically “occupy” Citywalk in the last few years. If you are not into steak, you can try many other dishes from sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and many Western-style food, too.

Price range for the food is from IDR 22,000 to 352,000.


Hot Tea IDR 25,000

Cheese Garlic Bread IDR 35,000

For the starter, we opted for cheese garlic bread, basically a basket of 6 garlic bread with loads of Parmesan & Mozzarella cheese. Personally I like regular garlic bread better since I usually eat it for the sake of the garlic, but the cheesy one was alright. I prefer thicker bread with slightly soft center, but these ones were thin and mostly crusty. Maybe next time I will stick with the regular one.


For all the steak menu, only onion and corn are included in the price. This makes us wonder why, because in Gandy, all the steak menu automatically comes with the side dishes like potato (your choice) and steamed vegetables. Personally, I think this is not a smart move because these side dishes help fulfilling the guests’ tummies, and it’s ridiculous to make guests paying for them, unless they want to order another portion of it. As you might have guessed already, those side dishes can be ordered separately and guests have to pay from IDR 14,000 to 19,000 for one side dish of their choices.

We ordered 3 types of Australian beef steaks: rib eye, tenderloin, and sirloin. Out of these three, the tenderloin was the best amongst all, it was thick but very tender and juicy, although all steaks seem like they were under-seasoned.  However, Mucca also provides two types of homemade sauce: Mushroom & Black Pepper, so you can always rely on them to get the best flavor! We all agree that their black pepper sauce was finger-licking good, while the mushroom sauce was not really popular because it tasted sweeter than we could handle. This comment is made after we visited Mucca twice within a month, and the mushroom sauce still tasted similar in two visits despite our feedback to the staffs about the sweetness.

Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye IDR 120,000


Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye IDR 120,000


Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye IDR 120,000


Australian Grass Fed Rib Eye IDR 120,000

Australian Beef Tenderloin 200 gr IDR 133,000


Australian Beef Tenderloin 200 gr IDR 133,000


Australian Beef Tenderloin 200 gr IDR 133,000

 Australian Beef Sirloin 220 gr IDR 109,000


Australian Beef Sirloin 220 gr IDR 109,000

Beside all the beef steaks, we also tried other steaks like fish and chicken. Again, I have to compare the steaks with Gandy’s since we all love Gandy’s chicken steak so much! I didn’t try the fish steak but the chicken one wasn’t disappointing at all. Cooked with same style with Gandy’s chicken steak, Mucca’s version is also deep-fried breaded chicken with good level of juiciness despite the thickness. Love!

Fish Steak Mucca IDR 65,000


Fish Steak Mucca IDR 65,000

Chicken Steak IDR 68,000


Chi(cken Steak IDR 68,000

I think the following 2 dishes are actually similar (the hamburg) although I don’t understand why the name is different. I actually enjoyed the “country beef steak” for its texture, although it was very salty. The fact that it was paired with sunny side up egg is excellent because the egg really helped neutralizing the saltiness of the meat. If you love hamburg and you want to have a satisfying meal, you can opt for the first menu (with buttered rice) since it’s very fulfilling!

Beef Hamburg with Buttered Rice IDR 67,000


Beef Hamburg Buttered Rice IDR 67,000

Country Beef Steak & Egg IDR 67,000


Country Beef Steak & Egg IDR 67,000


Country Beef Steak & Egg IDR 67,000

Overall, our two visits to Mucca are alright although we still prefer Gandy to it. The problem with Mucca is not only about the ridiculous serving options of the side dishes, but also with the slow service. The staffs are actually very polite and friendly, but it’s not enough to impress the guests if they have to ask so many times for their orders to come out. It’s only fair to say this based on our own experience, because the place was almost empty during our visits yet we still got a rather disappointing, slow service. We really hope that they can improve the attentiveness to the guests and get more acknowledgment from foodies in Jakarta, good luck!



* All prices are subject to 6% service charge & 10% government tax

** This review is written based on our visit on 23 April 2017 & 1 May 2017.


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