We went to Blacksteer outlet in Grand Indonesia for lunch, after walking around trying to find a place to eat. That time, they had promotion of 30% discount for Standard Chartered credit card users, so out of curiosity, we decided we were gonna try that out!
           The place is quite nice, spacey and comfortable. When we arrived there, only few guests were dining in, and the situations looked well controlled. Perfect place for a lunch, we thought.

    Chicken Pineapple Salad (Rp. 35.000,-)
It’s actually a fruit salad, with some veggies in it.
Onion Loaf (Rp. 39.000,-)
Crispy but sweet. I wonder what they put in the onions? Sugar?
BBQ Grilled Bird (Rp. 85.000,-)
The bird actually refers to a chicken (ha!) and it’s SO tiny.
The mashed potato is okay, though.
Cheese Burger (Rp. 75.000,-)
Size is okay but the burger patty is too dry and hard to chew.
Chicken Schnitzel (Rp. 65.000,-)
What can you expect? But the mustard surprisingly helped!
Fish n’ Chips (Rp. 69.000,-)
The fishes actually are very greasy, although it tastes okay.
          From what I’ve gathered so far, this restaurant was originated from Colorado. And their main menu is the steak. So maybe it was a mistake not ordering a steak, and what I write here can’t do the judge of their food qualities. But yeah, maybe another time. 🙂
               In other side, the waiter who served our table was disappointing. He forgot one of our orders (the fish n’ chips), and he didn’t even apologize for that. And the way he explained the policy of the 30% discount promotion was not good, either. It made me want to just go from that place and find another restaurant although I had to pay more. It was such a disappointment that a place with service charge employs a waiter like that. 
Overall rating is 7/10.

Grand Indonesia
Lt. 3A Fashion District 1-1
MH. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
DKI Jakarta – Indonesia
PH 1: (021) 2358-0633