Formerly known as Planet Popcorn, now this popular Taiwan’s number 1 Gourmet Popcorn has officially upgraded their name to Magi Planet Popcorn Studio, congratulations! I was lucky to join their Grand Launching event at their very first outlet in Jakarta, which is located in Mall Taman Anggrek, West Jakarta. Starting from a night market stall in Taiwan in 2010, Magi Planet (Planet Popcorn) arrived in Indonesia in 2012, and this year remarks its 5th anniversary since the opening of the first outlet in Indonesia.

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It’s safe to say that Magi Planet is one of the pioneers of Gourmet Popcorn, offering so many flavors that are hard to resist. During its 5 years existence here in Indonesia (they have outlets in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Pontianak and Pekanbaru), we have tried most all the flavors and we loved them! The fact that they only do handmade popcorn with no preservative certainly added the plus points to the products!

Along with the name upgrade, there are also few changes made, like the packaging and flavors addition. You’ll probably notice that the pouch/bag packaging is not transparent anymore. The black pouch indicates Classic flavors, the white pouch for Premium flavors, and the round tins are for the Deluxe flavors. You can also purchase the beautiful square boxes packaging for gift sets!
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The Grand Launching event was started by a brief introduction by Ms. Rosalyn & Mr. William from Magi Planet Indonesia. They also invited special guest from Magi Planet Taiwan, Mr. Ben Lee, and also Mr. Danny Liao, Director of Taiwan Trade Center Indonesia. The introduction was followed by ribbon cutting ceremony and ended with the official opening signing session, it was a merry event!
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Next, we had the chance to taste some of their new flavors as well as new products! From the Premium range, we tried this Toffee Caramel, which reminds me of Garrett’s Caramel Crisp! Well, actually this one is better because it’s less sweet but even with less sweetness I still commented that it was *still* a bit too sweet for me. If you like sweet caramel popcorn, it is definitely must try! From the Deluxe range, I tried Strawberry Chocolate popcorn, which is so nice, if you ask me. Yes, it’s massively sweet but it is so fragrant because of the thick strawberry glaze and I just loved it! Oh yes, I have to emphasize that their popcorn is always so crunchy it makes so difficult to stop munching, LOL!

Beside the new flavors, Magi Planet also launched other products like Ice Cream with popcorn toppings (prices will depend on the popcorn you choose, starting from IDR 30,000 for topping of Classic flavor popcorn), and popcorn bowls which come with drinks like you will see below. The popcorn bowls are very convenient because it can be used with many other drinks containers, like regular glass, bottle, and many more.

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What makes Magi Planet popcorn so special?
What made me purchasing bags and bags of their popcorn in the first time is definitely the attractive, big, round popcorn, which is freshly-made everyday using premium corn kernels with no microwave involved. We really do love popcorn, especially the instant ones but we have been avoiding popping those bags after we found out about the danger. So, finding these handmade popcorn from Magi Planet was like an exact answer to be able to enjoy popcorn without worrying about the microwave effect.

With motto of “Everything is Popssible”, Magi Planet has been doing their best in creating innovative and unique flavors that no other brands can come up with. Currently they have 13 flavors available in their outlets in Jakarta, and yours truly is deeply in love with their Kimchi, Corn Soup,¬† and 2 from the new flavors: Takoyaki and Chili Cheese!

All the flavors are available in pouch (small) and bucket (big) packaging, with price starting from IDR 29,000.

1. Classic Oripop – Pack Rp 34.000 / Bucket Rp 62.000
2. Crunchy Caramel – Pack Rp 36.000 / Bucket Rp 67.000
3. Japanese Noriweed – Pack Rp 36.000 / Bucket Rp 67.000
4. Savoury Cheese – Pack Rp 36.000 / Bucket Rp 67.000
5. Golden Curry – Pack Rp 38.000 / Bucket Rp 70.000
6. Korean Kimchi – Pack Rp 36.000 / Bucket Rp 67.000
7. Italian Cappuccino – Pack Rp 36.000 / Bucket Rp 67.000
8. Signature Cornsoup – Pack Rp 38.000 / Bucket Rp 70.000
9. Dark Chocolate – Pack Rp 52.000 / Bucket Rp 100.000
10. Mexican Chili – Pack Rp 37.000 / Bucket Rp 70.000
11. Green Tea – Pack Rp 38.000
12. Salty Original – Pack 29.000
13. Flavor of the season – Pack Rp 38.000


Overall, it was a fun event and I was glad to be part of the launching event! Brought back few bags of popcorn just because I couldn’t stop eating the Takoyaki flavor, but regretted that I didn’t buy more! XD

Anyway, congratulations Magi Planet Popcorn Studio for the upgrade and here wishing you a solid good luck and success! Cheers!


** This review is written based on our visit on 2 August 2017.


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