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PATIO Trattoria & Pizzeria is the newest Italian restaurant in Jakarta, Kebayoran area (South Jakarta) to be exact. Been wanting to visit it since it was opened but since I really don’t like going out when it rains, so the plan always got cancelled in the end. XD

From the name, it’s easy to guess that PATIO is all about Italian cuisine but since we have so many great Italian restaurants (casual or fine dining) in Jakarta, for sure PATIO has something to offer to get recognized by food enthusiasts.

The Location

Let’s face it, South Jakarta has been the most developing culinary spot in Jakarta. PATIO wins big time by having its very own place in the middle of elite area of Wijaya street, with good traffic and so much greens that beautifully decorate the exterior. Not only that, the huge block covers the restaurant separated into few areas, complete with its own garden, fish pond, terrace; and better yet, for you who bring cars, valet parking is available for free.

The Place

Upon entering the main gate, we walked towards the main entrance door on a red carpet, way to please the guests! Opening the door, it is the reception area where we were greeted by the staff and would be escorted to our table according to our preference.


Main entrance door




Fish Pond just beside the reception area.


Reception Area



The main dining area is huge and spacious, with big tables more suitable for groups and large companies. As you can see from the photos, the room is fulfilled with fancy and elegant furnitures, yet I love how the atmosphere is not intimidating at all. It’s clearly a setting of fine dining place but still gives the feeling of being at home.

To cut it short, I simply LOVE the place.







The beautiful patio area connecting main dining room and the smoking area by the side.


Smoking area: the little hideout, beautiful!


Large map for wall decoration, excellent.


Elegant candleholder, took hundreds photos of it from every angle possible, LOL.


Open counter showing how the pizzas are made and grilled with fire oven.



I know, I know, you probably think that I put WAY TOO MANY interior photos but well, who will NOT?

The place is so darn beautiful, and honestly it’s difficult to pick the best photos because it seriously looks good from every angles! The spacious rooms, high ceilings, elegant furnitures, colorful rugs, what else can I ask?

Not mentioning the welcoming gesture of the staffs who kindly allowed us taking loads of pictures (you know, lately some restaurants prohibit people taking pictures with professional camera and such), so we really took the liberty to take any possible shots.

The Food & Beverages