Although there is always a special room for dessert in my heart (and tummy), I am originally not a sweet-tooth. I find it amusing sometimes because even though my eyes are easily attracted to the beautiful appearances of desserts (especially colorful and cute ones), it would be painful to finish a slice of cake (sometimes). You might think this is weird because it comes from me, who regularly posts pictures of (seemingly sweet) desserts in my Instagram, but well, that’s the fact.
When Ms. Fransisca Kurniawan, the owner of LUREE Desserts (previously known as Cakewalk Pastry) sent me her silky pudding creations, I was totally hooked by the colorful and decent-looking packages instantly. Having a culinary education background certainly helps her a lot in making good quality puddings.

So, you might think, what is so special about these puddings? Well, let me just put it this way, these puddings are called silky puddings for a reason: guess what, they are truly soft, silky and smooth! At the first glance (and spoon), I totally thought that it was made from tofu because it melts right away and we could even “sip” it. According to Ms. Fransisca herself, they are made using only non-dairy creamer, sugar, fiber, water, flavoring, and no preservatives added. That’s why, these puddings can only last in room temperature around 3 hours, and if kept in fridge, it will last for about 7 days.
There are currently 10 flavors available, which are strawberry, mango, green tea, chocolate milo, lychee, passion fruit, bubblegum, hazelnut, taro and peach. Each flavor has its own matching color, very pretty. My favorites are lychee, taro and chocolate milo. What I love about these puddings are that they are not too sweet and have really mild tastes, which makes me less guilty eating desserts, LOL! But seriously, I am telling you, a cup of this is DEFINITELY not enough. So, God bless Ms. Fransisca for sending me 10 cups of this amazingly delicious pudding right to my doorstep!

(Clockwise) Mango, Strawberry, Chocolate Milo, Bubblegum

(Top to Bottom) Hazelnut, Green Tea, Peach

(Clockwise) Passion Fruit, Taro, Lychee

Each cup is priced at IDR 12K. For now, they don’t have any physical shop yet, but these silky puddings can be bought in Sowan (Sunter) and Porter House (PIK). They are available for delivery with minimum order of 10 cups, within areas of Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang and BSD.
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