We accidentally found this  yoghurt shop when we walked around Plaza Indonesia. The concept is yoghurt shop with an authentic Japanese touch. We tried the yoghurt platter which is currently on promotion for just Rp. 30.000,- only. Basically we can choose the yoghurt that we want, but they already fix the topping for us. Too bad that time they were running out of the mochi and azuki for the topping 🙁 So we decided to change with peach and strawberries instead.
The shop is hidden around the corner, don’t miss it!

Utensil to start the yummy journey.
Yoghurt Platter (Rp. 30.000,-)
To be honest, I’m interested on their concept, but it’s such a disappointment that they don’t really have full stock of everything. Besides the non-available toppings, when I wanted to order another menu called “7th Heaven Parfait”, the waitress said they were running out of some toppings also, because supposedly that menu uses 7 types of toppings, hence the name. 
Taste-wise, it’s okay but not too outstanding. I prefer many other yoghurt shops like Heavenly Blush or Red Mango rather than this.
Maru Yoghurt & Mochi Boutique
Plaza Indonesia PIX L4 #E-12
M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat, 10350
+6221 299 23523