SINSA Ramyun is a Korean noodle bar that has been storming my Instagram feeds lately. Last week we visited their second outlet in Kemang, located just next to LIN Artisan Ice Cream, replacing what used to be LIN’s sister cafe, The Stacks Burger.


This outlet in Kemang has just opened since late October 2015, while the first outlet in Muara Karang has been opened earlier in mid October. The difference between these outlets is that the MK outlet serves pork, while this Kemang outlet doesn’t. We have never been to the MK outlet but we heard that this outlet is way bigger, and there is live music performance as well.

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Sinsa Ramyun obviously serves ramyun as the main dishes, but they also have options of appetizers, rice bowls, until desserts. For the ramyun, there are 2 options (soup or dry) and we can also add the toppings according to our own preferences with additional charges. Prices for F&B range from IDR 12,000 to 74,000.

Ramen Fries IDR 28,000

This was good for a starter but we think it would be better if the regular fries were replaced with all ramen fries. Seaweed powder was alright. If you like cheese, you can choose the cheese powder for the sprinkles.

DSC_9506-copy DSC_9507-copy

Kimchi Ramyun (Soup) IDR 54,000 (R) / IDR 74,000 (L)

We chose Regular serving size and when it came, we were surprised to see how small it was. The Kimchi Ramyun is served with beef sausages, kimchi, and half egg. The noodle’s texture was too soft for our liking, it was already overcooked and swollen although we didn’t take long to photograph it. Despite its good color, the flavor of the soup wasn’t strong and we found it a bit disappointing.

DSC_9502-copy DSC_9521-copy

And as stated above, we are free to add as many toppings as we like, so we added Sliced Beef (IDR 18,000) to the Kimchi Ramyun. It was a chunk of sliced beef and it helped enhancing the flavor of the noodle.

DSC_9509-copy DSC_9510-copy

Galbi Ramyun (Dry) IDR 54,000 (R) / IDR 74,000 (L)

For the dry ramyun, we opted for the Galbi one (with beef ribs), and it looked good at the first glance. The noodle was good and chewy, perhaps because it was served dry and didn’t get swollen like the soupy one. The noodle was also well-seasoned and it was already tasty even eaten alone, but the toppings really made the combined flavors popping in the mouth. If you like spicy food, you should try adding the chili sauce provided on your table to add the spark. RECOMMENDED.

DSC_9514-copy DSC_9516-copy DSC_9526-copy

Hotteok with Ice Cream IDR 38,000

For the dessert, we picked Hotteok, which is basically a filled Korean pancake, and here they have the red bean filling. I like the semi-crunchy pancake (“semi” because it wasn’t really crunchy, but almost, in a good way) and the not-so-sweet red beans filling.


Gangnam Oppa IDR 42,000

Blue Curacao based mocktail.


Jeju Fizz IDR 42,000

Another mocktail with citrus fruits as ingredients, dominated by pineapple flavor.


Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this place. I really love the place, ambiance, location, you name it. But the menu seems lacking of something vital, yes I know they specialize in ramyun but I think it will be even better if they put more creative ramyun types or toppings. Then again, the prices are not cheap at all and customers want something worth spending, right? I don’t mind paying high expense for good food, but I seriously think that IDR 54K for this kind of ramyun is questionable.



*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 21 November 2015.


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SINSA RAMYUN (connecting to LIN Artisan Ice Cream)
Jl. Taman Kemang I No. 6

South Jakarta
Ph. +62 21 7179 3774

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu 10AM – 11PM
Fri – Sat 11AM – 2AM
Closed on Tuesdays