A couple of months ago, I posted about Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, and that time we only visited the place simply for some drinks (and snacks), then after some other returning visits, I had the opportunity to actually take pictures of our proper meals. However, due to super minimum lightings, the photos didn’t turn out so good too but since I had some readers asking me to post review about the food, so here it is. 

I always love the atmosphere and friendliness of the place and staffs whenever I visit Molly Malone’s. Something about this place gives me an immediate calming effect, probably because most all the visitors are foreigners and they just act so naturally comfortable with each others. I always think that this place has this less pretentious ambiance so I can spend good long time there, just enjoying my drinks and having some chit chat with my companions. 

The menu is still similar to my last visit, with good selections of Western food and some traditional Irish cuisine. I strongly recommend to try some of their drinks, it doesn’t need to be alcohol, but even their mocktails or juice drinks are also very nice.

Fruit Punch IDR 32K
Sorry about the picture, the Fruit Punch is actually quite reddish orange in color and looked very attractive. I have this certain bad feeling about fruit punch in general because normally it tastes somewhat like medicine, but here, I didn’t feel that at all. It was fruity and refreshing, without any additional weird taste, loved it.

Lychee Martini IDR 68K
My favorite drink from Molly Malone’s, it actually comes in 2 sizes (this one is the regular) and we can request the bartender to adjust the sweetness according to what we like. I prefer mine to be a little bit sweet, resulting in a very lovely taste of martini. There is also a real lychee fruit in the bottom of the glass, perfect!

Flaming Bikini IDR 90K
Ordered this almost everytime I visit, just for the sake of the entertainment. XD If you come with somebody, challenge him/her to sip the flaming drink together, it’s so fun!

Rings of Kerry IDR 35K
Crispy deep-fried onion rings served with a choice of sweet chili, barbecue or garlic and herb dip. I always love this dish, the onion rings are usually well-fried so they are very crunchy and fresh. The cuts are also very big and thick, making this considerably cheap appetizer. Highly recommended even if you come just for a drink, this will be a good company 🙂

Irish-style Potato Skins IDR 65K
Oven-roasted potato skins loaded with cheddar cheese and crispy beef bacon bits. Potato skins are my favorite but here they serve thicker one, and all you see is just the sea of melted cheddar cheese! That is like a super treat for cheese lover, isn’t it? I am not good with cheese but cheddar is totally alright, so I really enjoyed this. The skin was crunchy and crispy on the outside, and the cheese totally won the taste. Loved the bacon bits too!

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich IDR 65K
The chicken schnitzel was thick yet juicy and soft. You make sound when you bite it, indicating the crunchiness of the chicken. I really love this sandwich plate, didn’t expect that it would make me full, but well, it did! XD

Brian Boru Beef Burger IDR 95K
Gourmet beef patty cooked to perfection, layered with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, grilled tomato and a fried egg in a rustic toasted bun served with homemade chips. As expected, the burger came in a very big portion and I especially loved the beef patty, so tender and juicy! Moreover, they use special sauce inside the burger and it was different from usual burger seasonings 😉 Must try for sure!

Molly’s Mighty Club IDR 80K
Tantalizing sliced chicken breast, crisp pork bacon, cheddar cheese, soft-fried egg, lettuce and a light mayonnaise sauce in three layers on toasted white or wholemeal bread. This sandwich had more layers and there were so many things going on every layers. XD The whole taste was excellent, well, probably it was just another sandwich but I was satisfied with the freshness of the fillings and also the taste. Good for sharing too.

Granny’s Apple Crumble IDR 45K
Just like granny used to make, served hot with a dollop of sweetened cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The apple crumble was super fresh when it was served for us, which was great. It was still piping hot, quite hard to eat immediately so we had to wait for another 5-10 minutes to actually get the taste of it. It was delicious, the fragrance of apple lingered on the air and it lasted for quite long. The texture looked rough but it was actually very soft and melted away the moment it touched the tongue. The sweetness was right too, probably lacking for some people, that’s when the cream and ice cream came into a rescue.

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