The name Sushi Groove (read my review on this restaurant HERE) is probably not a stranger in Jakarta’s F&B scene, but about 3 months ago, the new concept named Sushi Groove Market is opened in one of the biggest shopping malls in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanka (KoKas). Same with the earlier one, it is also another brainchild of ISMAYA group, the gigantic F&B group that also manages famous brands like Pizza E Birra, Tokyo Belly, Fook Yew, Colette & Lola, SKYE, Blowfish, you name it. 

The whole area is just carefully designed and beautifully presented as modern contemporary perception of Japanese traditional market. From the open kitchen counter to the simplicity of the dining tables and chairs, the place gives a totally different ambiance once you step in, despite its location in the middle of an always-so-crowded shopping mall like KoKas. The area is huge and separated into some parts, including the kaiten sushi (conveyor belt sushi) in the center. I chose to be seated in the inner side, where the atmosphere is much calmer and quieter, ideal for family dinner. The said area also has this super beautiful wall mural with two Japanese women in kimonos feeding each other sushi with chopsticks, flirty and mysterious, it’s just simply beautiful.

Honestly I don’t even know what’s the difference between the “regular” Sushi Groove and this new concept. And I can’t seem to find any information online too (yes, I did check!) so if anyone can enlighten me about the differences, it will be very much appreciated. I know Sushi Groove itself already has so many branches, but the one I have ever been to was only the one in Grand Indonesia, and I don’t remember there was kaiten sushi available. The other difference is probably the interior/exterior design and also decorations for sure. 

Menu is still quite similar to the regular Sushi Groove but some are not available and some other ones are included. For example, here they don’t have the sushi burgers but they have yakimeshi (fried rice) menu. The prices of similar dishes are also higher in Sushi Groove Market compared to the regular Sushi Groove

Salmon Mentaiko Inari IDR 35K
Normally I love my inari to be simple and even without any fillings, usually it already tastes good, thanks to the sweet and tasty skin. I tried the Salmon Mentaiko one and it was like another fusion sushi put inside the skin, very tasty and delicious. However, I think that good inari sushi means a super fat, stuffed skin and this one didn’t deliver as the rice wasn’t too much resulting in a lumpy inari sushi.

Yakiniku Bibimbab IDR 89K
A bed of Japanese rice with beef, egg, paprika, cooked on hot nabe bowl with yakiniku sauce. Another selection from Sushi Groove is the so-called bibimbab, which I find a bit ridiculous since their theme is Japanese, why do they have to include some Korean dishes here? The beef was okay in taste but not enough slices, cooked with egg and paprika, it was easily overkilled by the strong taste of paprika. Rice was kept warm thanks to the bowl and some parts can be a little burnt, which gives nice aroma and crunchiness. Not the best one definitely, but not totally bad.

Golden Gate Roll IDR 59K
Fresh salmon and avocado roll topped with fresh tuna. Always love salmon and avocado combination, and this one actually was much better because it was topped with decent tuna slices. Not much sauce involved, so we could taste the freshness of the ingredients to the max. Love it!

Beef Mozu Bibimbab IDR 89K
Thinly-cut beef slices cooking on a bed of sizzling fried rice topped with mozzarella cheese. This rice bowl was actually quite good, although tasted a bit bland, some chili powder and drop of soy sauce can do the trick. The beef was plain looking, not the prettiest thing ever, but it surprisingly was good. The mozzarella cheese was nicely melted on top of the beef and rice, gave a different western taste to the whole bowl.

Three Amigos IDR 55K
This fusion roll contains salmon, tuna, crab stick and seaweed as the main ingredients and it was actually very good combination. I don’t really like how fusion sushi in Indonesia are made when they are using too much sauces like mayonnaise or cream cheese, but in Sushi Groove, we have many options that don’t use those at all. This one is not an exception and I totally enjoyed the refreshing ingredients that they used.

Chicken Curry Udon IDR 69K
Whenever I have difficulties choosing what to eat in Japanese restaurants, usually I go for something curry because most all the time, curry dishes never fails, at least for me. This dish turned out so good, with nicely cooked udon: good texture, soft enough yet chewy, and the curry was bold and fragrant. Loved the seaweed on top too, gave extra crunchiness!

Scallop Yakimeshi IDR 55K
This had to be one of the most fascinating dishes that night because it just looked so right and beautiful in any angle (hard to take photos though, because of the plate). The fried rice was green in color, cooked with scallop bites and garlic, very delicious, indeed! There was also chopped garlic all over the rice, and I just loved the aroma! Served with dango and egg slices, this dish was totally a winner and although I wished they would somehow upgrade the portion, it’s still one of recommended dishes if you happen to visit this outlet.

Flying Fish Roll IDR 59K
Crunchy unagi roll topped with fresh tuna and inari in a sweet and spicy sauce. Again, another fusion roll with simplicity. Loved the crunches combined with the soft, fresh tuna; sauce was a bit spicy but gave a nice twist to the roll.

Sushi Groove is probably not as popular as Sushi Tei in term of Indonesian people’s preference, but somehow their creations have more variety and personally, I love theirs more. Although the price in Sushi Groove Market is higher than the regular one, I think it’s also recommended to try this because the feeling (and dishes) you will experience is different one to another. I hope to be back soon and try more of the sashimi and fresh sushi instead of the hot and cooked food. See you soon!

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Sushi Groove Market
Kota Kasablanka Mall Food Society G Floor Unit FG08
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Free Wi-Fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00

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