So last time after my journey to Ippudo Sydney, I stopped by this beautiful, European-themed fancy gelateria, La Mamma Del Gelato ANITA, which is also located in the Central Park shopping center. The location is very much strategic, accessible from the mall itself, and also has an entrance opposite from the UTS (University of Technology Sydney) park.

Before I came here, actually I have heard so many good things about this particular place, so I really had high expectation for this. As a gelateria, ANITA doesn’t serve many stuffs beside gelato, yoghurt, desserts and coffee. But we all come here for the famous gelato so I have no complain about it!

Spoons to try the gelato before you decide.

Various toppings for the yoghurt

For the gelato, they really have LOTS of flavors, and honestly I had difficult time deciding which to order, LOL. For the serving size, we can choose: Small (AUD 5) – 1 scoop, Regular (AUD 7) – 2 scoops, and Jumbo (AUD 8) – 3 scoops. Yoghurt’s prices are slightly higher (AUD 6, 8, 10 respectively) but the best thing is, they come with unlimited toppings and the options are so many!
I didn’t try but immediately chose my favorite Ferrero Rocher & Kinder Bueno flavors (AUD 7). I wanted something chocolate-y but not too much so a hint of nutty flavor was desirable. I can totally understand why people do like Anita gelato and why it’s such a recommended place, the gelato is perfectly made and has a very smooth texture with enjoyable strong taste, without being overpowered by milky or creamy taste. 

Ferrero Rocher & Kinder Bueno Gelato Regular AUD 7.00

Another choice that day was the Crema Catalana, which is more popularly known as Creme Brulee. I almost found it a bit similar to sorbet, not exactly that light, but the taste was mild and easy, very refreshing for a hot, sunny day. As the usual creme brulee’s taste, it also had this caramelized sugar taste and I think it was fun with a hint of citrus too. 

It was such a sad thing that I couldn’t even try the yoghurt and also many other flavors of the gelato. But really, with a beautiful place like this, prompt service and delicious gelato, I will definitely come back again and again. This is truly one of places that I will gladly recommend everyone to visit when you’re in Sydney, you won’t be disappointed 😉

From the UTS park view

*AUD 1 = +/- IDR 11K
Some of the pictures are taken from my brother’s blog ELECTREATS as we are cooperating during this Sydney trip (because, too bad my photographer a.k.a. Mr. K can’t join this trip), so big thanks to him for letting me use his photos and make sure to visit his blog too! <33
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Central at Central Park (Ground Floor)
28 Broadway, Chippendale
Sydney NSW 2008
Phone. +61 02 8097 8508
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Mon – Sun 7AM – until the last customer