Thanks to those voucher sites that I had the opportunity to try Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant that I would have never gone to, if not for the voucher.
I had never heard about this restaurant before, although seems like it’s already quite popular here (or worldwide). Its slogan is to save the world by going green, hence the vegan idea. I went to the outlet in Plaza Semanggi, very strategic location if I must say. Very easy to find because it’s just across the escalator, so it must be hard to miss. The place is not big, bright and looks just like other family restaurants. 
Bright lightings and the glass windows make it hard to be missed 🙂

So my voucher was for 2 appetizers and 2 entrees (from the certain options in the menu), so we picked the Loving Tofu and Fillet Yin Yang from appetizers, Fried Misoa and Pepes Tropical Rice as entrees. The food were served almost immediately after ordered, I don’t even know whether they cooked those food or just warm them up.

Loving Tofu
Nothing special but yummy. The sauce was thick and tasty, tofu was fried but not greasy. Great for starter.
Fillet Yin Yang
Surprisingly it tasted as good as it looked. The sauce was kind of sweet and sour, very nice to dip the fillet in, colorful taste.

Fried Enoki – IDR 22.500
Ordered it additionally because I wanted to try. Love it, although I don’t think it was that crispy.
Fried Misoa
It was really unique. I had never tried fried misoa until that day, but I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t know what they sprinkled on top, tasted like fried chicken, but well, definitely not chicken, right? Love this.

Pepes Tropical Rice
Yummy, enough said!

Ice Hijau Antartika – IDR 12.000
Combination of cucumber and pineapple, didn’t try it but was told it was great, very refreshing. Maybe I’ll try someday!
Ice Cendol – IDR 10.000
The cendol’s color wasn’t really appealing, but taste-wise, it was okay.
Overall, this restaurant made me surprised. I didn’t really know a vegan restaurant can serve such tasty food, seriously. Service was really good, too. Helpful and friendly waitress, kid-loving waiters/waitresses were such a big plus. Place was clean, well organized and comfortable. Definitely will come back again.
Loving Hut 
Plaza Semanggi Lantai 3A
 Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 50 
Jakarta, Indonesia 12930 
+62212553 9369