When I was in Citywalk Sudirman, an Italian restaurant called Fashion Pasta was so attractive that I decided to stop by. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded when we came, but later many people came because that time the Citywalk had “nonton bareng” (watching soccer match together on a big projector screen, and that night it was coincidentally between Indonesia and Malaysia). 
The restaurant has two separated dining areas, the one in picture below is the main dining area, while the other one is located just outside. The concept of decoration is pretty much young, hip and elegant. The other area has more simplified feeling to it, with white garden chairs and homey cushions. Too bad I didn’t take picture of it.

Fashion Pasta
Lovely Bar

Initially we just stopped by to enjoy some “snacks”, but in the end, we ordered quite a lot (Err, it always happens). When I saw the menu, I noticed that their prices are quite acceptable, around the average prices of casual Italian restaurants in Jakarta. Without further ado, we picked some food and enjoyed the complimentary bread while we were waiting.

Complimentary Bread – chewy, tasty and perfect to keep the hunger away while waiting.
 Oh yes, after we made our orders, we just noticed another menu sheet on the table, which is actually an All-You-Can-Eat menu. I myself have never liked the idea of AYCE for Italian food (I mean, hello, one plate of pasta is already very fulfilling, let alone AYCE!). The menu looked kind of tempting as it is indeed VERY cheap (only IDR 89.000 nett/person) and you can order from large variety of menu (almost all from the menu book). But as we just had AYCE for lunch, we decided to skip it and I *might* come back later just to try their AYCE.

The AYCE menu
Then my drink was served and I was thrilled because it looked so simple yet tempting. I ordered  Ice Green Tea Frappe for IDR 25.000+++, quite cheap, and surprisingly it tasted unique. While Mr. P enjoyed his glass of red wine for IDR 60.000+++, I was thinking, hey, I could actually come back here someday just for these drinks.
Ice Green Tea Frappe – IDR 25.000+++

After a while, our food started coming and here are what we ordered:

Crema Di Mais – IDR 35.000+++
 I really wanted some soup so I ordered this corn soup served with Parmesan cheese. The texture was alright, not too thick or too light, but tasted a bit bland for me.
Caesar Salad – IDR 40.000+++
 Definitely NOT one of my favorite Caesar salads, but it was fine. If they made it a bit more dry then I’ll probably like it more.

Salame Piccante – IDR 55.000+++

We picked something original for the pizza so we went for it. Salame Piccante uses the basic ingredients we want on a pizza: mozarella cheese, beef salami, chilli, basil and of course the Italian tomato sauce. The pizza is very thin and crusty, and we absolutely love it.

Lasagna Ai Funghi – IDR 55.000+++
Lasagna was always my favorite pasta until I knew the glory of fettuccini. I remember when I was in high school, we would go to the Italian cafe near my school very often to have some pasta or gelato, and everytime I would order lasagna. XD I don’t even know why I liked it so much back then, but it’s probably because lasagna is very simple to eat and it never gives me a feeling of “too much” after eating as they’re usually served in a good portion. And this time, of course I had to try this as I had never tried white sauce lasagna before (if my memory didn’t fail me). Turned out that it was really, really nice, although it was a bit too dry. Taste-wise, it was great.
Tortellini Prosciutto e Pannai – IDR 65.000+++

Tortellini is also known as “belly-button”, because of its shape, usually is filled with beef, and served in broth. It’s really good, chewy and cooked just right. The beef broth is also very prominent and absorbed very well. Definitely must try.

Tiramisu with Ice Cream – IDR 40.000+++

 For the dessert, we couldn’t help but trying their tiramisu. I picked vanilla ice cream because I think that’s the most perfect combination for tiramisu. It was good, smooth and sweet, very fresh too.

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge and 10% government tax

Fashion Pasta
Citywalk Sudirman
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur 121  
(021) 25558972