This is very late post about our visit to Hakata Ikkousha in Kelapa Gading area, original and non-halal version. It is not everyday that we got to visit that area, so we practically looked for every possible place for lunch that day and finally decided to stop by there because Mr. K wanted some pork ramen and he was still curious about the infamous Hakata Ikkousha pork version after his not-so-satisfying halal Ikkousha experience last time.

No photos-taking were allowed inside, especially the menu (perhaps because they are afraid of people copying their menu or something) *roll eyes* and the interior, too. Luckily we still could take pictures of food that we ordered so it was okay. The place is not that big but maybe is spacious enough to seat up to 50 person in total. As typical Ikkousha’s restaurants, very minimalist wooden seating with cushions. Additional seasonings, garlic and other things you may need to enhance your ramen, are already available on the table.
We ordered some versions of pork ramen, which actually looked about the same one to another. If I remember correctly, the difference is about the thickness of the broth; but portion and topping wise, everything is about the same.
Pork Ramen Special Light IDR 55K
This one had the lightest broth and although it looked just like the regular one, it was indeed lighter and more runny. Not really fan of this but I think kids are more into it.

Pork Ramen Special IDR 55K
Ordered this for myself and I kind of liked it. You can probably notice that the broth was slightly thicker than the light one (duh), and if you let it stay for a while, the soup started getting sticky (that’s one of annoying part of pork-based soup, imho). The taste was stronger and although I remembered it was much better during the old days, it still satisfied my craving for pork ramen. My advice is, just crush some garlic, put some more chili powder, and there you go!

Pork Ramen Silver IDR 58K
So this is the king of the pork ramen, means thickest broth and (supposedly) tastiest, most flavorful one. Surprisingly, they also gave separated additional tam tam which is included in the order. If you want to experience some real Hakata ramen, then this one is for you!

Pork Ramen Tam Tam IDR 58K
Just like the other pork ramen, this one was added with tam tam sauce which gave more spiciness and bold taste. I don’t know what’s wrong with Mr. K but it seems that he is quite obsessed with tam tam menu in Ikkousha, LOL! Yes, this was his order and once again, he wasn’t satisfied because the broth was *still* too light for him. Now you ask me who is more picky between us, LOL!

Chicken Ramen Special IDR 55K

Pork & Shrimp Gyoza IDR 36K
The gyoza sizes were quite big and plump, with lots of fillings inside. There are also many other options for the meat so it’s always nice to have selections, right?

Cheese Curry Rice IDR 78K
This is Mr. K’s second plate that day and we were literally surprised when it was served, I mean, the portion was crazily big and easily can feed 2-3 normal person! *cough* The plate was already big and the curry was spread over the half of it, looking very thick with chunks of meat and veggies too. The cheese was cooked then poured into the curry so it was like melted cheese, tasted sooo good and delicious! I think it was worth the money we paid and definitely will order again next time 😉

Iced Ocha IDR 11K

Well, to sum everything up, the food were good but not great, I remember some used to be much better than what I had this time, but portion wise, especially the noodle, I think their prices are still pretty reasonable. And if you see carefully, there are some price differences between outlets in North and South Jakarta, and of course in this case (if I can) I prefer to dine in North Jakarta’s outlets because they are more original and what’s Hakata ramen without pork? XD 
Anyway, Ikkousha is still one of selections whenever I crave for ramen, so see you again soon!
*All prices are subject to 2.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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