Last time, after a quick dinner in Poke Grill, I dropped by another Japanese restaurant in the same complex, Rukan Permata Senayan. From outside, the restaurant doesn’t really look special or attractive, to be honest, but we drove passing the building first before reaching our destination. Because we were still quite hungry after dining in Poke Grill, we decided to continue our dinner somewhere else, and this restaurant came up immediately. We joked about the name “Yokunatta“, which literally translated as “Become good/well” and we hoped that our feeling would become better by visiting this place.

Entering the room, I was quite impressed by how spacious the restaurant is. With simple warm decoration, it feels like home although the place looks old and a little abandoned. There is a sushi bar in the middle of the room, looks inviting to me. Apparently, Yokunatta has been there for about 8 years until now and there used to be a bar on the second floor. Now only the restaurant remains and I certainly hope that it will keep existing for a long, long time.

Like typical Japanese restaurants, they serve rice bowls, bento set and also sushi. Without further ado, we ordered some of the recommended food and honestly, I expected quite a lot!

Wakame Salad IDR 30K
It was unique and delicious with a very strong ginger taste for the dressing. The salad came in a big bowl so it was very satisfying. I liked this a lot but if I eat this myself, I wouldn’t be able to finish it because it was a little too sweet for me.

Spider Roll IDR 55K
It was decent, with nice sushi rice, awesome fillings and beautiful rolls. I can’t really comment on the taste because for me, fusion sushi usually taste quite similar one to another. The ingredients were fresh and the dressing was in right amount.

Hah Hah Roll IDR 65K
This was supposed to be a spicy roll judging from its name, and it looked fierce! The name comes from the reaction when someone eats spicy stuffs and said “hah.. hah..”, if you know what I mean. There were chili cuts on the top and I think this sushi was entertaining. It doesn’t only look good but also tasted wonderful.

Bento Set 2 IDR 75K
This bento set came with a Japanese bento box including rice, chicken katsu, tempura, salad, and miso soup. The rice was okay but the chicken katsu was disappointing. It was crunchy and very delicious actually, but very flat and thinly sliced. The tempura was alright, but miso soup was extremely delicious!

Special Chicken Katsu IDR 75K
This one actually was better than the Bento set because it includes tamagoyaki and cawan mushi, too. The tamagoyaki was very nice and perfectly made, and the cawan mushi was one of the best ones I eat in Jakarta so far.

After we were done eating, the waitress brought us the complimentary dessert, which was a green jelly. The jellies were in many shapes, and tasted like jasmine jelly. Love it!

Honestly, our feeling certainly became much, much better after eating there, so I was glad we picked Yokunatta. And since it is very close from home, I would expect more visits from now on. And it’s when I realized that places like this should have been more appreciated because they truly serve good food, not merely brand.

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Yokunatta Japanese Restaurant
Rukan Permata Senayan Blok E 16-17
Jl. Tentara Pelajar
Jakarta Selatan 12210
Ph. +62 21 5794 0891
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 

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