Time to time, I check back my blog and found that there are so many “comfort restaurants” that I frequently visit but no review has ever been written about them. So from now on, at least once every week, I will try to write something like a “tribute” post for those restaurants because this blog was created for my own memories collection anyway. For the first one, I am gonna write about Pizza Express, or previously known as Pizza Marzano, which already have their outlets everywhere in Jakarta. This review is for the outlet in Senayan City, where I often visit and this time, the reason why I went there was because I got free pizza or pasta voucher which Zomato kindly sent me a couple of weeks ago. Thank you!
Pizza Express Indonesia is part of the Pizza Express family, originating in Soho, London, UK in 1965. They claim that all their pizzas are made by expert pizzaiolos who share the wisdom of over 45 years experience handcrafting the freshest, most delicious pizzas. Now, don’t you feel intrigued reading that? Ever since they came to Indonesia with the name of Pizza Marzano, I visited their outlets quite often and frankly speaking, I enjoy their pizzas a lot. And most importantly, you can even watch the staffs making the pizzas from the open counter. Attraction always makes the dining experience much better, no? 😉

Now I tell you why the Senayan City outlet is still the best so far (in my opinion), the place is quite spacious and its seating capacity is quite big (can seat up to 90 persons). There are indoor and outdoor seatings, both are very beautiful, but honestly outdoor seating gets more beautiful view especially during the night as it directly overlooks the busy Asia Afrika street and facing the bright, full-of lights Plaza Senayan. Of course, I choose to be seated in the indoor area as I simply can’t bear hot and humid weather so I stick to air-conditionered rooms, but sometimes, I do like sitting in the outdoor area too.

Lemon Tea (Refill) IDR 30K
Before I start with the food, let me tell you one of the nicest drink menu which I really like every time I visit here. There are 3 options of free-flow drinks: Nestle Blackcurrant Tea, this, and Iced Tea. Basically, for a restaurant like this, I personally think this is a good all-time promotion because usually drinks are charged quite highly and of course, no refill. From my own experiences, usually I just refill once or none at all, because the glass is already quite big and trust me, if you order the sweet ones like blackcurrant or lemon teas, you’ll feel full sooner. But still, it’s a nice thing to be assured that you don’t need to pay for another glass of drink whenever you need it!

Dough Balls “Speciale” IDR 35K
The dough balls are one of the signature starters of Pizza Express and this newer version is actually still the same dough balls, but these ones are rolled and baked with Grana Padano cheese, then also served with garlic butter dip. Whenever I eat here, I always enjoy the dough balls so this is a must-try item. The special dough balls are indeed special because they were more cheesy and salty, but in a good way. Yours truly is not really a fan of cheese and its related products, but milder and lighter ones don’t hurt, so these ones were still pretty enjoyable especially if eaten with the garlic butter!

Classic Pizza – Funghi di Bosco IDR 75K
So our Zomato voucher is valid for one free pasta or pizza from certain selections only, and we decided to have this. The classic pizza is claimed to be Pizza Express’ original creation which hasn’t changed since 1965. Wow! Now that’s what we call classic, LOL! This Funghi di Bosco contains of Portobello mushrooms and garlic oil, pretty simple ingredients yet powerful. The mushrooms were spread out quite generously, and even just be looking at it, one can drool like super drool!! XD This classic pizza is a bit smaller than Romana, but thicker. Honestly, I am more into thicker and softer pizzas than thinner and crispy ones, so I enjoyed this so much. The garlic taste was strong but mixed well with mushrooms so the taste was just perfect.

Romana Pizza – Vesuvio IDR 98K
Vesuvio is one of the newest creations in Romana pizzas selection, contains of pepperoni and hot soft n’duja sausage on a creamy sweet potato base, baked with mozzarella and finished with watercress, shaved Grana Padano and chili oil. First of all, I like their Romana pizzas because, as inspired by pizzas in Rome, Italy, they are bigger, crispier, and thinner. And Vesuvio certainly wasn’t disappointing at all. The pizza was very colorful and pretty, also very tasty and unique. The watercress was a good addition although it didn’t bring much contribution to the taste, but the crunchiness was great.

Banoffee Pie IDR 60K

For the dessert, I chose this one, which is a combination of bananas, cream, caramel sauce, crumbly biscuit, with vanilla ice cream. The cake wasn’t exactly the kind that I like, clearly still a bit frozen when served, I found it difficult to be enjoyed. The cake was practically hard and cold, the crumbles were alright although didn’t give significant taste. The vanilla ice cream was decent, though. Personally, I was disappointed with this dessert, absolutely not worth it.

Despite of all the flaws and imperfection, I still love Pizza Express and I believe it’s one of the most consistent, decent pizza restaurants here in Jakarta. Thank you Zomato for the voucher, and I hope Pizza Express can create more pizzas in the future and keep the ovens baking!

*All prices are subject to 5.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Pizza Express
Senayan City GF
Inside Debenhams Department Store
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 12210
Ph. +62 21 727 81065
Free Wi-fi: Yes
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 

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