I love Mexican food. However, I still find it hard to get decent Mexican food with affordable prices here in Jakarta. When I was walking around Food Avenue (food court area in Lotte Shopping Avenue), I saw this Puerto Bello Express, specializing in Mexican food. I remember before this, I wanted to go to the outlet in The Foundry8 SCBD, but I heard that it was closed down already since 1-2 months ago. So I was lucky that I still could try this one, although because it is express one, some things might be different.

Their menu is not many, but enough to satisfy my cravings for Mexican food. There are Mexican rice, burritos, tacos, nachos, fajitas, even desserts. Price ranges from IDR 23K – 48K but desserts are cheaper. The tacos are available in two options, crunchy and soft tacos. I didn’t try them though, because I eyed for the burritos and quesadillas.

Quesadillas: Shredded Sirloin IDR 34K
It was actually pretty good with nice shredded sirloin filling and Mexican seasonings. My only complain was about the salsa and jalapeno slices, which looked terribly sad and unappealing.

Burritos: Chili Con Carne IDR 39K
Surprisingly, the chili con carne was delicious! It was quite spicy, and I could actually tasted the tomatoes, chili peppers, even the beans. The rice was moist and flavorful. And everything was nicely wrapped and resulted in a big, thick burritos.

I didn’t try many things that day but my feeling was neutral. The food weren’t the best but they weren’t bad at all. I mean, I might go there again when I crave for Mexican food and want something simple rather than going to better, fancier Mexican restaurants. Who knows? But well, for the time being, that’s great to know that there is one more Mexican food joints to visit!

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Puerto Bello Express
Ciputra World Lotte Shopping Avenue 
Food Avenue Level 4
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5
Jakarta Selatan 12940
Ph. +62 819 3227 4230
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00