Gandaria City is probably the mall that I visited the most often in the past 6 months. I don’t understand why, but I always find something new whenever I go there. This time, I decided to bring my fellas to the simple Korean restaurant near Lotte Mart, Mr. Dup Bap. I walked pass this place a lot of times, but never really wanted to try it because it doesn’t really stand out. In fact, it is surely easy to be missed because there are many other restaurants with famous brands all over the floor, like Domino’s, Rice Bowl, you name it.
My first impression about the place is just, small, literally. It doesn’t really have much space, with interior dominated by wood, square tables and stiff chairs, make it looks just like another cafeteria. Since it’s a long overdue post, when I ate there, they were having opening promotion, which was 20% discount for food only. It certainly helped because Korean restaurants here are well-known for the expensive prices.
Bulgogi Dup Bap – IDR 52.000+++
This was served on a hot plate, which was not so hot, maybe just for the artistic purpose rather than functional purpose. There was nothing special about it, the bulgogi tasted like fast food one, cold and dry like it wasn’t so freshly-cooked.

Ojingo and Capcay Combo – IDR 62.000+++
This was served with the jap chae (Korean fried rice noodles) look-alike, which was a bit bland for my taste, kimchi, and typical Korean red sauce. Not something that I want to order for that price.
Dolsot Bibimbap – IDR 48.000+++ 
Nice and easy.

Chicken Ramyun – IDR 30.000+++
Korean instant noodle without the spices and seasonings.

Complimentary Soup
Surprisingly it was good, light and tasty.

Unique Table
So although the table and chairs look like the boring ones in usual cafeteria (or classroom, maybe?), each of them have this unique drawer. Lovely.
Not much variety, don’t expect freshness, taste so-so.
Restaurant price for fast food quality? I’ll definitely think twice.
Fair, keep in mind though that we were the only guest dining in that time. Service may vary when there are more guests dining in.
Not my favorite.
Mr. Dup Bap
Gandaria City L-33
Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No.8
(021) 29053311