A couple days ago, we went to Penang Bistro for late dinner after coming back from a long, tiring trip. The warm and cozy environment welcomed us the moment we entered the restaurant. The place is quite spacious, with yellow lighting and wood furniture, very comfortable.
 Beautiful and comfortable interior design.

Coke – IDR 11.000
 Hot Tea – IDR 11.000

 Iced Tea – IDR 13.000

 Sapo Tofu – IDR 43.000
Just like usual ones.
 Penang Char Kway Teow – IDR 38.000
Whenever we eat Penang food, kway teow is usually one of the food that immediately come up to mind. This one also, is very deliciously made. It has some kind of nice smell of “wok-cooked”, if you know what I mean. Definitely a winner.

Hong Kong Seafood Hor Fun – IDR 38.000
It was my order that night. Since I wasn’t feeling too well, I wanted something warm and not fried, so I picked this one. Turned out to be a disappointment because it tasted bland, the noodle was too soft and the portion size was a bit ridiculous. I definitely won’t order it again next time.

Claypot Crispy Noodle – IDR 39.000
Crispy noodle is one of my favorite food, and this one is also included. 
The talented performers 🙂
When we were waiting for our orders, these 2 person came up and started singing. We were amazed of how well they performed, the guitarist seems very comfortable playing while the singer sings very, very well. We just had to take their pictures 🙂
Not the best Penang food I could find in the town, but enough to please my taste buds.
Pricey, but again, it’s worth it if you count the comfort and luxury of the environment.
Fair. Some waiters/waitresses could use some further training, though. My only problem is some of their facial expressions, they accepted orders with bored faces and I thought it was kind of rude.
Totally in love with it.
Penang Bistro
Jl. Pakubuwono VI, no.2
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12120

+6221 – 726 0303