It’s been a long time since we visited PIK for cafe hunting or just to find some good food. This time, we came back for this cute cafe named My Bun Bun, self-proclaimed as the first Rabbit Cafe in Indonesia.

Located in Ruko The Plaza PIK, just next to Dapur Cokelat, it’s easy to spot this place from the street, thanks to the rabbit ears signage. When you enter though, prepare yourselves for the glorious small animals in cages: from rabbits to hamsters, guinea pigs to hedgehogs, they have ’em all! The first floor is used for some kind of pet shop, second floor for another pet shop and grooming area, and the cafe itself is actually on the third floor. Although the whole area is basically full of (caged) animals, the place is well-maintained and looks very clean with no annoying smell. The stairs are quite wide as well and very convenient even for elderly/children to climb, good job!

Entering the cafe, the first impression is… CUTE! The cafe is small but looks very cozy and homey, with simple minimalist white-dominated decor, it doesn’t take long to make us feel at home. The rabbits attributes laying around are so cute I simply adore them.

Here you can enjoy playing freely with the animals by spending on F&B for minimum of IDR 50,000/person (weekdays) and IDR 75,000/person (weekends), which is not a difficult thing to do because one drink can already cost you that amount. I think not all animals will be released from the cages in the same time, during our visit, there were only 3 of them out of cage for us to play with. My favorite is a white rabbit named Bakpao, so fluffy, plump and cute! The guinea pig is also cute, I prefer plump and not-so-active ones because I can pat them relaxingly.

While you play with these cute animals, you can also enjoy the food they offer. Some of them take longer time to prepare, but we don’t really mind because we can spend our time playing or taking photos. There are many instagenic spots in the small cafe, but you just can’t miss the “fireplace” area in the far end side of the cafe. Also, the rabbit chairs are uber cute!

We only ordered snacks and drinks because we just had lunch at a restaurant nearby, so these are what we ordered: Bun Pao (IDR 45,000), French Fries (IDR 35,000), Caramel Macchiato (IDR 45,000), Roasted Almond Macchiato (IDR 45,000), Choco Tiramisu (IDR 40,000). The Bun Pao is actually kind of their signature dish, you’ll get 2 cute rabbits with chocolate filling in the head, and cheese filling in the body. The snack and drinks we tried that day are just okay, but again, they are selling the experience playing with the animals, not really focusing on the F&B, I guess.

If you happen to like animals and enjoy playing with them, we think you should try visiting this place. In the end, we spent like 4+ hours here during a Saturday noon and we had a great time! Definitely will come back in the near future.

My favorite rabbit, Bakpao!


* All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 10% government tax

** This review is written based on our visit on 1 September 2018.


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Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2
Ruko The Plaza Blok 9 AJ Lantai 2
Kapuk Muara, Penjaringan
North Jakarta 14460
Ph. +62 818-802-201

Opening Hours:
Tue – Sun 10AM – 9PM
Closed on Mondays