Mie Tarik Laiker has been around for quite sometime and is still growing. I visited one of their branches in Kuningan City last time, as I had been wanting to try it everytime I go there. Unlike their other stores which are opened in food court areas, this one actually has its own place decorated in green, looking very humble and homey.
As suggested by its name, the restaurant serves variety of noodles, Indonesian and international ones. Personally, I really like their noodles because they taste good and I think the portion are also very satisfying.

Mie Tarik Ayam Crispy – IDR 27.000
Mie Tarik Saus Krim Italy – IDR 28.000

Pangsit Goreng (5 pcs) – IDR 15.000

Baso Ikan Goreng Mini – IDR 15.000
I ordered the ayam crispy one because I was craving for some boneless fried chicken. XD It was good, although I would recommend their mie kangkung if I bring someone over. The other noodle was ordered by Mr. P and surprisingly it was good, too. I never knew that noodle like that goes well with pasta sauce.
The pangsit were quite bad, it tasted terrible. The fishball was okay.
For noodle fans, this place is a must visit.
No tax + service charge.
Mie Tarik Laiker
Kuningan City 3rd Fl Unit 75 
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8