Wilshire, which used to be located inside The Foundry 8, SCBD Jakarta, has moved to its new location in the bustling Senopati area few months ago. Replacing YEYO Lobby & Eatery, Wilshire now is conveniently located on the second floor of Senopati 64 building, just above Colette & Lola.


The restaurant is not too big, much smaller than its old place, but still wears the same theme for the interior design, resembling an elegant garden with touch of luxury.

DSC_5890 DSC_5889

DSC_5885 DSC_5894



Favorite spot in the restaurant, beautiful tables with mozaic-style pictures of flower drawn on them, complete with sparkling chandeliers.

DSC_5887 DSC_5905 DSC_5903

Wilshire serves variant of Western food as well as Asian fusion dishes, and large selection of beverages including alcoholic ones. The prices are relatively high but still competitive with the restaurants in Senopati neighborhood. For the food, it starts from IDR 45,000 and up, and there is this menu called Steak Florentine, which is priced starting from IDR 869,000 and up.

While waiting for our food to be served, we settled with some mocktails first.

Snow Ball IDR 45,000

Dragon fruit, cinnamon, lemon.

Despite its lovely red color, our first comment about the drink was: tasteless. No matter how exotic dragon fruits look like, I never can understand the taste of it. I think it has insignificant, blah taste that is indescribable in any way. However, the side balls was the key of this drink! The balls are actually the fruit rolled with sugar, so let’s do it this way: eat a ball and drink. Must add here though that it’s good that the drink was not sweetened at all.


Monkey See, Monkey Do IDR 45,000

Banana, hazelnut, peanut butter, milk, honey.

Again, the drink’s taste was very light and there was saltiness mixed with the banana flavor (peanut butter?). Don’t get me wrong, I actually liked this as the drink kinda grew on me after few sips. The best way to enjoy the drink with “fuller” taste is to do the same trick with the dragon fruit drink above!

DSC_5914 DSC_5912

Slow-cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Bowl in Hot Stone IDR 195,000

So basically this is one of their signature dishes, where Wagyu short rib is cooked for 24 hours, then served with mix grilled corn and sous vide egg in a hot stone.

This looked so appetizing with all the colorful ingredients and mouth-watering wagyu beef slices. The taste was a bit confusing for us, because the dominant flavor was sweetness. No complaint about the wagyu though, taste was good and the texture was perfect. The whole bowl itself somehow lacked of flavors despite all the ingredients used, perhaps adding some salty seasonings (not necessarily salt, soy sauce or anything salty) would help.

Can add seared foie gras for additional IDR 89K.


Philly’s Cheese Steak Sandwich IDR 75,000

Kudos to Wilshire to do almost all their stuffs homemade, even the bread. The meat was grilled USDA prime Sirloin, thickly cut and grilled into perfection. Despite its thickness, the texture remained soft and tender, although we believe they were grilled medium-well. The cheese was awesome: fragrant and delicious. In short, this sandwich is top-notch and definitely, highly RECOMMENDED.


Roasted Bone Marrow with Minced Beef IDR 89,000

Now, this was a feast to the adventurous ones! Not everyone enjoys a plate of bone marrow (complete with the bones, mind you) but seriously this looked so inviting, so to speak.


Bone marrows are basically one of richest food, high in calories and also contain lots of nutrition for health benefits. It’s really not something that we can find just anywhere, so I was surprised to see this in the menu. Visually, it’s all fat and one might think twice before spooning this and putting it inside his/her mouth, but well, I am totally okay with that, so yeah.

The bone marrows part were soft, fatty, oily, greasy, you name it. Plus, there was not much flavor we could taste by eating that alone. I guess it’s more into the experience of eating that, I probably don’t make sense now but I think if you have ever eaten bone marrows, you’ll understand. The best thing was, they cleverly paired this bone marrow with sauteed minced beef, which were sprinkled generously. The minced beef was salty and gave awesome flavor and added the texture when eaten together with the marrows. Put some of those onto the bread provided, and -I never thought I am gonna say this-, but it was YUM!


Grilled Beef Tongue with Sous Vide Egg IDR 155,000

This looked pretty similar to the Wagyu bowl above, minus the hot stone, and replace the wagyu with beef tongue.


If I am not wrong, the beef tongue was seasoned with their homemade teriyaki sauce, which for me, was nice enough but again, lacking of flavors. The beef tongue looked like they were drenched in oil, and honestly, it was quite scary.


Potted Carrot Cake with Chocolate Soil IDR 75,000

Potted cake dessert seems to be out of trend already but I was surprised to see this here. BUT! There is something different with this potted cake. You won’t find any “worms” or whatever weird inside, but you can feel and taste the delicious chocolate soil, which is made through long process to resemble the real soil! I mean, look at the picture, don’t you think it looks JUST LIKE the REAL SOIL? XD


Inside this pot was this carrot cake which was super YUMMY! *swoon* You know, few months ago, I wrote about the carrot cake in Publik Markette which I thought, was probably the best in Jakarta. But I think I fell in love to this even more, thanks to its discreet presentation and unpredictably-delicious carrot cake. It was like getting a nice surprise and good treat in one go.


Overall, we enjoyed our short lunch in Wilshire Senopati, as I really love the place, the ambiance, and atmosphere. For the food and drinks, I believe there is room of improvement, some are really good, but some others are simply unimpressive in term of flavors. But again, flavors are something that is difficult to judge, as one person and another have different perceptions and preferences when it comes to taste.

Nonetheless, all the best to Wilshire, and we hope to go back soon!


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 9 September 2015.



Jl. Senopati No. 64
South Jakarta 12190
Ph. +62 21 722 8129

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 11AM – 11PM