Last week, I visited another restaurant in Foundry 8 complex, SCBD area in South Jakarta. This time, I was invited to try Spanish cuisine in Caños, which is located near to Blue Monkey, which I reviewed couple weeks ago. Caños is a Tapas bar and restaurant which brings the European flair of the standing long bar, great wines and cocktails, also wholesome selection of homemade dishes -the traditional Spanish tapas concept. 

Beautiful exterior will make you feel somewhere in Europe.

The restaurant is quite big and dominated by black color and some fancy wall decorations such as posters from war period. When I stepped inside, my mood could suddenly change and I felt a sudden excitement as the ambiance and atmosphere inside is more intimate and playful, probably because of all the mysterious aura created by minimum lighting. Although the place looks so much like fine dining restaurant from outside, believe me, it doesn’t feel intimidating at all because the staffs are so friendly and casual.

Table set-up for more formal business meetings or gatherings, even formal dating events.

Complimentary basket of bread and chips. didn’t get to try this but it looked decent to me.

Beside tapas and pinchos, there are many other menu such as soup, salad, appetizers, cold-cut meats and even sandwiches. For the tapas and pinchos, the prices range from IDR 40K – 80K, while the other dishes range from IDR 35K – 135K. They have large selection of beverages, alcohol and non-alcohol, so it’s also good for a drinking place option even if you don’t want to eat.
We started our dinner with Smokey Ginger (IDR 95K), which is one of Caños’ Signature Cocktails, and instantly became one of my favorites that night. A mix of Whiskey, Single Malt, honey, ginger and lime; the drink certainly had the strongest ginger taste that I have ever had! Upon drinking it, my body felt so warm and happy! If you don’t like ginger, I recommend: stay away from it.
Smokey Ginger IDR 95K

A visit to Spanish restaurant is never complete without the Sangria! In Caños, they have Red and White  Sangria, and this time I tried the red one. The Red Sangria (IDR 120K/glass) is a mix of red wine, Brancy, lychee liquor, sprite, and of course, the assorted fruits. Taste-wise, it was decent but not the best I have ever had, and I have found a more fruity, refreshing one in Jakarta as well. The price is seriously high for only a glass and I don’t think it’s worth it.
Red Sangria IDR 120K/glass

Three Ways Tapas Platter IDR 150K
So apparently, this is their new menu which involves (many) Indonesians’ favorite, Soft Shell Crabs! The platter consists of yummy soft shell crabs with 3 different seasonings: 1) potato-parsley sauce, 2) veggie and ginger-honey dressing, and 3) garlic bread & salsa verde. I love soft shell crabs but I usually eat them Indonesian way, seasoned with Indonesian-style sauce and happy with that. But here, all the sauces gave different twists and my favorite was the 3rd one with garlic bread and salsa verde. The soft shell crabs themselves were pretty salty but the sauces really helped neutralizing the saltiness and made them super delicious and different one to another. BTW these are also served separately for IDR 75K each.

With Potato and Parsley Sauce

With veggie and ginger-honey dressing

With garlic bread and salsa verde

Patatas Bravas IDR 40K
Pan-fried potatoes served with traditional spicy sauce. This is a dish that I usually have to order in Spanish restaurants because I simply love the way they fry their potatoes. This one was even better (much, much better) than usual patatas bravas that I ate, not only the potatoes were so crunchy and well-seasoned, the spicy sauce was indeed spicy and kicking. The only downside is that because of the color (plus minimum lighting), it is not really a good object to be photographed, LOL!

Grilled King Prawn IDR 75K
King prawns grilled with Spanish herb mix and served with spicy chili sauce. First of all, I am not even a fan of prawn but I was deeply intrigued by looking at these ones on the plate! The prawns were big (they’re “kings”, duh!) and looked so well-seasoned. I am just weak looking at all those herbs and spices covered meat, this one wasn’t an exception! XD The prawns had the tastiest, most flavorful meat and the spicy chili sauce was extremely captivating! I would go to the extent of saying this was one of the highlights in our dinner that day. <33

Caños Spanish Burger IDR 110K
This homemade beef burger is complimented with machengo cheese, Iberico bites, caramelized onion, and grilled peach. Although this burger is supposedly a beef burger, but the taste of the patty was so much like pork. In fact, they put the pork symbol on the menu means that this dish actually contains pork so it made sense. The patty was nicely cooked but had certain smell that I didn’t really enjoy. Overall a good burger but not the best.

Oriental Lychee Martini IDR 80K
This drink is a mix of Vodka, lychee liquor, lemon and egg white; honestly, it was my favorite of the night as it was very smooth and easy to drink despite the fact that I don’t really like Vodka. If I have to describe the drink in words, I would say: sweet and playful.

Crispy Shrimp Bites IDR 40K
So, a night with lovely drinks is not complete without the savory bites as a company, or so I think. And I tried this one -which is a Mediterranean-style fried shrimp bites with chili and lime. This is supposed to be eaten just like that, with the skin and head, and everything. It had really nice, bold flavor and clearly is a great companion for alcoholic drinks.

Cosmo Pop Rock IDR 80K
Another Signature Cocktail from Caños, contains Vodka, Triple Sec, lime, cranberry, and blueberry. Probably targeted for ladies, but I found this a bit too harsh because of its strong alcohol contents.

Churros with Chocolate Sauce IDR 40K
Who doesn’t know churros? Caños’ churros are big and crunchy, with generous amount of sugar powder sprinkled on them, and served with chocolate sauce. I prefer my churros to have strong fragrance (and taste) of cinnamon, so I think it’s lacking of that.

Overall, I really enjoyed my dinner at Caños Cocina Tapas, a cool place, super friendly and helpful staffs, great food and nice drinks. Since it’s closer to my house rather than any other Spanish restaurants in town, this will be my choice when I am craving for some Spanish delicacies. BTW thank you for having us and we’ll be back soon for sure! <333

*All prices are subject to 11% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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