Earlier this month, we had the privilege with fellow bloggers and medias to attend an event by The Harvest dedicated to the Grand Debut of its newest cake creation named Madeline Rose in the Senopati outlet. For us Indonesians, The Harvest is definitely not a strange brand, but in case you have no idea about it, it is safe to say that The Harvest is the pioneer of European style pastry shop chain in Indonesia. Established in 2004, The Harvest now has 25 outlets spread in many cities in the country, and considered as today’s largest European-style bakery & pastry shop chain in Indonesia.


The event was held in Senopati outlet, which was super crowded that day. It was full of excitement, with serious decorations such as the small stage complete with main star: Madeline Rose backdrop. We were actually wondering why a launching event of a cake had to be this grand, but actually beside the cake launching event, there was also an award ceremony to announce the winner of Marina Bay Singapore Getaway campaign that was held by The Harvest during Ramadan month this year.

DSC_3981-16 DSC_3963

Beside the stage and rows of chairs set up for this event, there was also some display tables with colorful desserts from cakes, macarons, chocolates, even savory items. Yes, these delectable dearies were prepared for the event guests to indulge after the ceremonies ended, and we couldn’t wait to grab ’em all! The best thing is that they tried to prepare everything in matching color tones of pink and yellow, the dominant colors of strawberry and mango, which are the main ingredients of Madeline Rose cake.


Beautiful display table with The Harvest creations dominated by pink and yellow colors.

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Starting from August 2016, all 25 stores of The Harvest Cakes in Indonesia will proudly showcase this new cake: Madeline Rose. Madeline Rose is a duet of sweet strawberry mousse and tangy mango cheese mousse, carefully layered atop a moist vanilla sponge. Strawberry compote is added to offer a satisfying burst of flavor while delicate white chocolate pearls add texture to the cake. Not only that, the Madeline Rose is elegantly “crowned” with a strawberry macaron, banana macaron, a swirl of rich white chocolate and topped with a fresh mint leaf.


Grand Debut of Madeline Rose cake at The Harvest Senopati, Jakarta.


Madeline Rose: simple definition of beauty and taste.

DSC_4026-19 DSC_4028-20

Personally I really like this Madeline Rose cake so much. I always prefer fruity cakes rather than chocolate based cakes because I usually find them too sweet for my liking. This cake however, is a deadly combination of refreshing strawberry and mango, two of my favorite fruity ingredients for my desserts, so it hit the bull’s eye pretty accurately, LOL. The texture of the cake is also very smooth because mainly it’s mousse, and it makes the first impression so good – light yet captivating enough to make me feel euphoric.

DSC_4032-21 DSC_3986-17

While we were enjoying the cakes, there was a Q&A session with Mr. Sanjeeva Gunawardena (Managing Director of Mount Scopus Group), Ms. Lia Purnomo (Director of Food & Beverages of Mount Scopus Group), and Mr. Mike Lewis as the guest star of the day. Ms. Lia especially shared some views and the background of Madeline Rose’s creation and I couldn’t agree more with this ultimate pairing of Strawberry & Mango as the bases of this cake.


(L-R) Mike Lewis, Ms. Lia Purnomo, Mr. Sanjeeva Gunawardena

 The event continued with the announcement and Awards Ceremony of the Marina Bay Singapore Getaway Mega Draw, complete with all 10 finalists in attendance. During Ramadan this year, The Harvest had a special campaign for its loyal customers to get the chance to win a stay at Marina Bay Singapore and a tour in Universal Studio Singapore, and this event remarked the announcement of the lucky winner of this campaign.

DSC_4063-25 DSC_4081-28

Overall, it was a great event with lots of surprises filled with many beautiful and delicious treats. Madeline Rose is currently one of my favorite desserts and I am thinking about getting one whole cake for my birthday next month, LOL. Maybe strawberry and mango is not really a new combination and people/shops have done this a lot before, but Madeline Rose took my heart away like no other.

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** This review is written based on our visit on 4 August 2016.


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