So this is our third day’s activities, and since we came back to Jakarta very early in the morning the next day, we finished all the activities this day. If you come here from google or a link, please take time to read our 2 previous parts too (links above), thank you!

We started the day with another breakfast at Copper again, but this time we chose to sit at the other wing of the restaurant, which is actually darker than the main wing.


Multigrain Oat Pancakes

Salute to Copper for bringing up the healthy yet delicious breakfast, and this one was not an exception. This multigrain oat pancakes are served with sweet coconut and salted caramel, which made it an unforgettable treat to start my day.

DSC_0321-copy DSC_0338-copy

Eggs Benedict

Served with smoked pork bacon, grilled asparagus, and yuzu Hollandaise sauce, these Eggs Benedict were nothing but perfection. See the beautiful poached eggs? Feast to the eyes and tongue in one go.

DSC_0326-copy DSC_0322-copy

English Breakfast

Two Organic Eggs, Choice Of Boiled, Fried, Poached Or Scrambled Eggs Served With Pork Sausages, Black Pudding, Mushroom, And Grilled Tomato

Another set menu for breakfast covering almost everything we need on a plate.

DSC_0313-copy DSC_0310-copy

Private Farm Visit

Following the breakfast, we had the opportunity for a private visit arranged by Bisma Eight to their organic farm located about a kilometer away from the hotel. Bisma Garden, as it’s called, is their own maintained farm that uses no chemical and commercial fertilizers.

DSC_0357-copy DSC_0355-copy DSC_0346-copy
Located just four minutes down the road, we were taken there by hotel’s car and were amazed to see the neat and organized farm. Bisma Garden uses sustainable farming techniques that don’t destroy the soil and gives them the best possible produce, so the food at Copper Kitchen & Bar uses the produce from the farm as much as possible.

DSC_0347-copy DSC_0349-copy DSC_0358-copy DSC_0352-copy DSC_0340-copy DSC_0351-copy

The farm visit was continued with (supposedly) “light” lunch at Copper again, but well, it wasn’t exactly “light” because we got three-course lunch and we were still full with the breakfast few hours ago.

We chose to go crazy and despite sunny weather that noon, we picked the table on the rooftop. It was a crazy decision because it was painfully hot and humid, but it was our last day and we wanted to try dining at the open space rooftop in this beautiful hotel.

DSC_9976-copy DSC_9978-copy DSC_9980-copy DSC_9981-copy DSC_9983-copy DSC_9986-copy DSC_0370-copy

Lost in Monkey Forest IDR 45,000

Pineapple, mango, lemon juice, passion fruit puree, sweet and spicy syrup.

Cute and nice name for a mocktail in Ubud area, great fruit combination and glad it was not so sweet.


Rosella Nojito IDR 45,000

Mint, lime juice, homemade rosella syrup, soda.

While the color is much lighter than the rosella I usually drink, the taste was quite prominent, and I love the refreshing, mild taste of this drink.


Artisan Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon IDR 90,000

Organic Romaine, Gruyere Cheese, Garlic Croutons, Anchovies, Caper Dressing.

Presentation is much better than the actual taste, the veggies were awesomely fresh but lacking of identity in term of flavor despite so many ingredients used.


Balinese Gado Gado IDR 65,000

Lovely presentation of gado gado where they put all the assorted vegetables in cabbage wraps. Crunchy!


Chef’s Focaccia Club IDR 150,000

With grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, ubi fries, and chipotle mayo, nothing could go wrong with this.


Don’t forget the ubi fries like we had on the first day, I wanna take some back home!


Korean Kal Tacos IDR 150,000

Braised short ribs, kimchi slaw, lime, and sour cream, all in one plate. The short ribs were soft, tender, and delicious, only a little too sweet for my liking. The kimchi slaw was perfect addition to the platter, although I prefer crunchier ones.


Cereal Milk Panna Cotta IDR 60,000

Soft and jiggly panna cotta served with avocado, chocolate cookie crumbs, and coffee crunch. Addictive!


Passion Fruit Pavlova IDR 60,000

A fun pavlova with twist, love the passion fruit spread on the bottom and sliced strawberries in between. This is art!


After all the food throughout the half day, we decided to check out the sport centers provided in the hotel. Basically they have this gym called The Fit Space, which is actually located just few meters away from our room. We were surprised to see this not-so-big space with complete fitness equipment, perfect place to stay fit even during holiday, right?


Going through the rows of Garden Suites, we headed to this pathway leading to the pool area. If you prefer a less sweaty sport, let’s see the Bisma Eight’s infinity pool, which looks absolutely stunning!

DSC_0017-copy DSC_0018-copy DSC_0016-copy DSC_0011-copy DSC_0006-copy

We recommend taking morning dip or afternoon dip, sometime between 5-7PM because the sun won’t be as strong as during noon. Unless you want to go sunbathing, that’s a different story. Even on 4-5PM, the sun was still very strong and we barely could open our eyes to fully enjoy the view from the pool.

DSC_0005-copy DSC_0010-copy DSC_9994-copy

High Tea at The Pool Pavilion

Beside the pool, we have this little Pool Pavilion to enjoy some light snacks, drinks, or even heavier meals. Decorated like a pool bar in tropical island, I fell in love at the first sight to the pavilion. With such a beautiful surrounding, I bet I can spend the whole day just chilling around there!


DSC_0002-copy DSC_9995-copy DSC_0022-copy DSC_0025-copy DSC_0001-copy

The High Tea set was fabulous and fulfilling at the same time. Both of us are not into sweet stuffs so we always enjoy the savory items the most in High Tea set. All the savory items were very well-prepared and had balanced flavors and dressings, while the sweet ones were enjoyable without making us sick of over-the-top sweetness.

DSC_0429-copy DSC_0417-copy DSC_0416-copy DSC_0415-copy

And what’s better than High Tea session with beautiful view of Balinese sunset? Geez, we were lucky to catch the beautiful sunset despite the cloudy sky that day! Magnificent.

DSC_0433-copy DSC_0447-copy DSC_0437-copy DSC_0442-copy DSC_0450-copy

The High Tea session was our last activity in Bisma Eight and we were so thankful to experience all these things during our stay this time. Bisma Eight is a boutique hotel and they only have a total of 38 suites, but we have a feeling that it will go bigger beyond. We really had so much fun and felt so comfortable staying there, and the great hospitality made us feel very welcomed. We really hope to be back again in the future, and if you happen to stay in Ubud, we highly recommend this hotel for a complete Ubud-style relaxation experience.

To sum it up, check our full video about this 3-nights stay below, thank you for reading and watching! <33


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 27-30 November 2015.


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