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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates recently as we think we’ve been neglecting this blog for quite a while. If you follow our Instagram, you have probably noticed that we just had come back from our Japan trip and honestly, we are still very exhausted and too lazy to update the blog. XD

For now, we’ll take this opportunity to share you about a new Japanese restaurant that we got to try few weeks ago. Kadoya Ramen Restaurant is located in Green Ville neighborhood, just few meters away from the infamous Saung Green Ville and opposite to a fruit shop. Frankly speaking, there is not many ramen restaurants in the area, and Kadoya offers pork-free ramen which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Although Kadoya focuses on ramen as their main dishes, there is also selection of other familiar Japanese dishes from sushi, sashimi, rice bowls, even bento set. As we learned from the owner, Kadoya wants to bring the concept of healthy ramen with less oily, guilty feeling, hence no pork is involved.

If that doesn’t convince you, better yet, the executive chef is a native Japanese who have been living in Indonesia for 30+ years and had been working in prestigious Japanese restaurant in Jakarta previously.


The restaurant occupies the first floor of the building, a very spacious building decorated nicely with Japanese touch. We love the artificial roof interior design by the side of the main dining area, completed with hanging paper lamps. The furniture is dominated by wood giving the whole room a clean, warm, and sleek feeling, with a traditional sense. Photos do the description job much better than I do!

DSC_2219 DSC_2235 DSC_2208 DSC_2205 DSC_2202 DSC_2203 DSC_2256 DSC_2257 DSC_2252 DSC_2258

Without further ado, let’s see what Kadoya is all about!

Hokai Ramen IDR 53,500

Miso Ramen with Salmon, Potato, Seaweed.


The ramen is served in big bowl which is quite heavy, and the ingredients are beautifully arranged. My first pick went to Hokai Ramen, a miso-based ramen that looked a little too thin from the first glance. Kadoya makes their own noodle and personally I think the noodle is nicely done: curly, not too soft, and chewy. Rather than Japanese ramen, it reminded me more to Chinese noodle, but I see nothing wrong about it.

DSC_2373Surprisingly, the miso broth wasn’t disappointing in term of flavor, but we found it a bit too sweet. Mr. K even goes to the extent saying that it *could* be the top #1 miso ramen in Jakarta if only it wasn’t that sweet. Now, does that make you curious?


Kaisen Ramen IDR 51,000

Another ramen we tried was the Kaisen Ramen, as the name suggests, it was topped with various seafood ingredients. The broth was thin and refreshing, a kind of guilt-free ramen, but definitely not our cup of tea. We simply think that the ramen was okay, but there is nothing really special about it.


Mini Spring Roll IDR 18,000

A kind of appetizer that can be enjoyed by all the family members. Beautifully presented and very crispy!


Tori Karaage IDR 19,500

Fried chicken with extra crisp, we think it’s good but lacking of ginger flavor.


Mini Chirashi Sushi IDR 60,000

Rather than served in usual chirashi style, this looked almost like onigiri covered with sashimi slices. The interesting part about this dish is that it uses a special rice cooked with sweetened seaweed (konbu) so the rice itself was already very sweet and tasty. MUST TRY.

DSC_2364 DSC_2369

Salmon Aburi Roll IDR 56,000

Who can resist a plate of salmon aburi roll? This roll is quite unique because it’s stuffed with cooked, seasoned tuna and topped with slices of salmon aburi. In my opinion, the salmon was slightly over-grilled (look at all dark brown to black grill mark) and the slices were too thin. The usage of tuna inside the roll was quite confusing because the taste was already strong so the supposedly-main-star salmon aburi didn’t stand out too much. Nevertheless, it was still good especially if you’re fan of salmon-related sushi rolls.

DSC_2346 DSC_2339

Yakimeshi IDR 40,000

This fried rice was very fragrant but I found it a bit too bland. I am not even a salty food fan to begin with, but this definitely needs something to give more kick. I am thinking maybe because of the healthy food concept, they reduce the amount of seasonings such as soy sauce or salt.


Salmon Teriyaki Bento IDR 70,000

I really love it whenever I find bento set menu in Japanese restaurants. It’s always an easy pick to take when we don’t know what to order or don’t know the serving portion yet. We tried the Salmon Teriyaki bento which we found amazingly delicious. The salmon teriyaki was the winner for sure, everything from the texture, flavor and seasoning was just perfect.

For the sides, I must say I was impressed by the authenticity, it’s totally a Japanese bento, unlike some “local-made Japanese bento” as we commonly find in so-called “Japanese restaurants” in Jakarta. If you notice them, the bento also consists of “nimono” and “tsukemono”, which are essential in Japanese bento. We love all of them, only the “tsukemono” (pickled dishes in the middle of the box) were overwhelmingly salty. This can happen sometimes because we usually keep these longer seasoned and put this in fridge.


Sashimi Moriawase

The sashimi was fresh and I couldn’t complain anything about it except the quantity. XD


Sushi Moriawase

Got to try their sushi too and we weren’t disappointed. Decent size, delicious sushi rice with consistently good sweet with sour bits.


Niku Sushi Roll IDR 50,000

This was strongly recommended to us, so why not? And it was YUM! The beef on top of the roll was cooked and seasoned with some kind of teriyaki sauce, which was kind of sweet and savory. We love how the beef was well-seasoned, well-cooked, yet still could melt in the mouth right away. It was just heavenly good! If there’s reason why I want to go back to Kadoya, this would be the first one!


Beside all the food, we also tried almost every drinks they offer. *gulp* Like, seriously. For a Japanese restaurant like this, we were surprised to find so many selections, from regular hot/cold ocha to fresh juices, squash drinks to coffee.


Behind (L-R):

Kadoya Squash Special, Green Great Cooler, Tropical Punch, Sour Flame Squash (IDR 18K each)

Front (L-R):

Watermelon Juice (IDR 22K), Kedondong Juice (IDR 22K), Fresh Orange (IDR 25K)

Well, I am not gonna write about the drinks one by one, but I must say that my favorites were the juices (especially Kedondong), and for the squash, I found them too sweet for my liking. The coffee weren’t bad either, and can be a good option to end the meal.

Kadoya Squash Special IDR 18,000


Lime Juice IDR 22,000


Watermelon Juice IDR 22,000


Sour Flame Squash IDR 18,000


Kedondong Juice IDR 22,000


Coffee Latte IDR 18,000


Moving further, Kadoya also has semi outdoor seating area which look comfortable and green. It was probably great to sit and take the pictures there, but our visit was around the evening, so we didn’t get to catch the natural daylight, anyway.

DSC_2210 DSC_2315

Oh yes, near the entrance, we can see a low table for making “Hangetsu Yaki” or we commonly know as “kue rangi” in Indonesia. This snack is served as complimentary dessert whenever we dine in there, and interestingly, the flavor is green tea.

DSC_2243 DSC_2386

Hangetsu Yaki (complimentary dessert)


Overall, Kadoya Ramen Restaurant is a good addition to the eateries in Green Ville area. We will definitely come back for the Hokai Ramen, Niku Sushi Roll, Bento dishes, and also the delicious Hangetsu Yaki! With so many family restaurants in the neighborhood, it might be quite tough to maintain, but as long as they keep the quality and add more menu, I think it will be all good. Last but not least, we wish Kadoya the very best of luck!



*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 11 July 2015.




Jl. Ratu Kemuning Blok BL No. 1
Green Ville
West Jakarta
Ph. +62 21 292 00 770 / 771